Time is money.
Save both.

Offer your clients a self-service IoT connectivity management platform. Softly integrated with your systems and hosted securely on Amazon Web Services.

M2M & IoT connectivity business doesn't have to be hard

The IoT market is growing rapidly, and you need a platform that encourages growth

Struggling to win IoT & M2M customers?

Provide your customers with a modern platform for managing SIM cards. Our platform has allowed MNOs to win over customers they otherwise would not have gained.

Too much time spent on support?

The platform allows your clients to manage most of their daily connectivity operations alone. That reduces the strain on your customer support agents.

Thinking about building yourself?

Our experience says it takes 4+ years to build a modern M2M platform. Also, don't forget about the operational costs to keep it up-to-date. 1oT continuously innovates and makes the platform more robust.

Platform that your clients enjoy using. And it's here to help your business.

Tailored for IoT & M2M cellular connectivity providers and IoT device makers to manage thousands of SIMs.

Start offering better IoT service with 10 000 € investment


How does it work?

Integrating with 1oT's systems is easy. We will use a standardised API with proper documentation to get all the features operating. Besides, we support you throughout the journey with educating your colleagues and helping to onboard first customers.

Technical integrations

We require an API to interact with your provisioning system and SMS sending gateway. Also, you should be able to forward CDR files to display detailed session information.

Hosted on AWS

1oT hosts the platform in AWS. All maintenance, deployments and hosting are handled by 1oT on the cloud. That means you can enjoy a hands-off experience and don’t need to worry about daily platform maintenance.

Deploying the platform

After the successful integrations, we will support you with migrating existing customers to the platform. And have video workshops to introduce all the features and benefits of the platform.

Permanent operational support

After the launch, you'll have your self-service connectivity management platform. We are keeping the software up-to-date and continue to improve the user experience.

How can 1oT help drive your business forward?

We have built a powerful and flexible IoT connectivity management platform. It combines everything that's needed to run a successful IoT business unit.

Most modern and easy to use platform

The platform is designed to be intuitive for first-time users. Over the years many industry awards have recognised it as the best value-adding service.

Easy to integrate, so quick to market

The integration is planted on top of your core network infrastructure. And we're there to support you and your team on every step.

Start offering superior client service

Win over M2M and IoT clients by providing them with a robust subscription management platform.

Developed in-house to support rapid growth

We developed the connectivity management platform for ourselves. And our connectivity business has grown 140% versus last year, so we can assure that it withstands rapid growth.

Scale with simple, predictable pricing

Connectivity management platform has two components. Both the setup fee and the monthly subscription fee are fixed.

Platform with up to 20k SIMs

for MNOs looking for a scalable and reliable platform with quick and straightforward integration
  • Self-service based SIM management platform
  • Private sub-domain access
  • Hosting on Amazon Web Services
  • Integration with your HLR for provisioning and receiving session information
Pay once, own it forever
€ 10 000
€ 2000 each month
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