Start your global IoT business on the right track

1oT SIM is a flexible and straightforward global connectivity solution to get a growing IoT company off the ground.

Self-service platform tailored for IoT connectivity management

Global connectivity is fantastic, but it should be anxiety-free. We give you the tools to control your eSIM cards effortlessly. Wherever they are.

1oT Terminal gives full visibility of all your SIMs

Monitor and manage all your 1oT SIM cards via a comprehensive and user-friendly web platform.

  • Stay in control by giving SIMs custom names to SIMs, tagging them or assigning into groups.
  • Manage your SIMs with different statuses and setting data limits. Activate, put SIMs to sleep or turn offline. You have complete flexibility and control over each SIM.
  • Detailed usage reporting down to the device, time and byte. Quickly review data usage and gain insights like the last connected cell tower's location through SIM detail pages.

Simple and flexible pricing models to suit all your deployments

If you hate hidden fees and complicated contracts as we do, then you’re at the right place. 1oT Terminal gives you a full overview of your current and past connectivity costs. Plus you can create and change data packages as you wish.

  • Complete flexibility and control over your data packages and their pricing model.
  • 1oT’s billing interval is once per month, meaning you get an invoice once a month for the previous month.
  • Order more SIMs or delete SIMs without unnecessary consequences.

Bring the whole team

Keep your team informed and in sync. Invite how many team members to 1oT Terminal as you wish without extra charges.

Your sales team can move faster

1oT Terminal gives a dead simple breakdown of data costs, allowing you to understand better how to price your clients' fees. You can easily distinguish the costs between various end-users.

Your support can debug independently

Since 1oT Terminal is a fully self-service platform, you can troubleshoot all issues that your SIMs face. Investigate data consumption and track detailed diagnostics.

Your accounting isn’t lost in emails

1oT Terminal summarises all the past and current invoices in one place. It also provides a breakdown of the invoices to understand better ways to optimise costs.

All-in-one platform

With 1oT Terminal, you have all the features to run your IoT business seamlessly

SIM management

Changing statuses

Setting data limits

Sending SMS


Usage threshold alerts

Detailed usage reports

Fleet-wide analytics


Full overview of costs

Flexible packages

Automated invoicing

Premium features

API support

Powerful integrations

Custom automation

Ready to take the next step?