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1oT SIM is a flexible and straightforward global connectivity solution to get a growing IoT company off the ground.

Simple pricing built for businesses of all sizes

Always know what you’ll pay for

Monthly base fee

The monthly base fee is charged based on the SIM’s status. We have Live, Offline and Sleep status to suit different stages of your fleet management.

Data costs

Pay only for the data you have consumed or agree to consume a certain amount within 1 month. Bulk discounts are applied automatically to MB packages.

SMS costs

Sending SMSes is considered separately from data costs. Each carrier has different pricing for sending and receiving a SMS.

Discover available networks and pricing

These are starting prices and only one carrier's offering. If you're unhappy with what you see, then please contact us. We have other options.

Go global with a single connectivity partner.

Create data packages that suit you best

MB package

Enjoy bulk discounts by committing to a specific consumption. You'll be charged proportionally based on the countries where the consumption happened at the end of the month.


Besides the base fee, only pay for the consumed data and sent or received SMS, according to the pricing list.

Simple steps to start with 1oT SIMs

Receive a pricing offer within 1 workday

Complete your form and receive pricing offer to email.

Accept the pricing offer

Discuss with our experts your needs for the deployment.

Receive SIMs and go live

Insert the SIMs and activate SIMs on 1oT Terminal.

Tell us about your deployment

A few words about invoicing

One monthly invoice

Regardless of the number of active carriers, the number of countries where the SIMs are deployed, you'll always receive one invoice via 1oT Terminal.

Never deal with weird fees

No authorization fees, statement fees, refund fees, PCI-compliance fees, business card fees — you get the idea.

Multiple payment methods

We offer manual invoices and accept credit cards and Paypal.

Dive deeper into billing topics

How much does the 1oT Terminal cost?

The self-service connectivity management platform is free for all our customers. Base features offer you full control over your SIMs.

Suppose your fleet grows and you want to automate workflows or simplify fleet management, then we offer premium features that are charged on a subscription basis.

What’s the difference between your data packages?

1oT offers different data package models to suit many use cases.

The Pay-as-you-go model is a great fit if your data consumption varies from month to month. Or if the devices are moving between countries within one month. Besides the monthly base fee, you only pay for the consumed data and sent or received SMS.

MB-Package model is useful if data consumption is stable, and you know beforehand where the devices are used. With the MB-package, you receive automated bulk discounts based on the MB commitment.

What’s your billing cycle?

We have a monthly billing cycle that considers your past month's data consumption. So you only pay for the data you consume.

If my SIMs are inactive, do I have to pay anything?

If you're not using your SIMs, you can put them into SLEEP status. SLEEP status is a special status to keep costs under control during inactive periods. The monthly fee is significantly lower than other active SIM fees.

Can I close my SIMs?

You can close your SIMs any time you want. There are no extra fees or obligations.

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