Exceed your M2M & IoT business goals by licensing 1oT Terminal.

A self-service platform to manage IoT subscriptions from one interface.

M2M & IoT connectivity business doesn’t have to be hard

The IoT market is growing rapidly and you need a platform that encourages growth

Struggling to win IoT & M2M customers?

With 1oT Terminal, you provide customers with a modern platform for managing SIM cards. Our platform has allowed MNOs to win over customers they would not have gained.

Too much time spent on support?

1oT Terminal allows your clients to manage most of their daily connectivity operations alone. That reduces the strain on your customer support agents.

Required to provide a platform?

Some tenders demand that the MNO provides a platform for managing SIM cards. 1oT Terminal enables you to excel at these procurements.

Regulation demands an eSIM?

Sometimes local regulation mandates that MNOs must support and provide eSIM technology. 1oT platform supports the required ES2 and ES4 integrations and provides a management layer for handling eSIM transactions.

Struggling to set up internal processes?

1oT platform is meant for managing IoT customers. So you can align your business operations according to M2M use cases.

Thinking about building yourself?

Our experience says it takes 4+ years to build a modern M2M platform. Also, don’t forget about the operational costs to keep it up-to-date. 1oT works on innovation and making the platform more robust

All-in-one IoT & M2M connectivity platform

1oT Terminal is explicitly tailored for IoT & M2M cellular connectivity providers and IoT device makers to manage thousands of SIMs. Both UICC and eUICC.

Jump ahead the competition by licensing 1oT Terminal.


Generate extra revenue from a layer of value-adding apps

1oT Terminal Apps with a unique monetization model is the answer to decreasing data prices and justifying the integration fees. Rather than charging for MBs and GBs, offer modern service and charge for software use.


Workflow apps automate and optimise SIM management tasks so that you can be more efficient with managing the whole fleet.
Notifications appFuture events scheduler


We have built a set of integrations to unify device and connectivity management. The integrations help you stay aware of what is happening with your SIMs.   
SlackMS Teams API support

Data analysis

Data analysis apps help examine data usage patterns and turn insights into cost savings. 
KPI ReportingDiagnostics app


Protect your privacy and improve the security of your Terminal access.
2-factor authentication IP whitelisting

Bite Lithuania has licensed 1oT Terminal

“Thanks to the 1oT connectivity management platform we simplified our internal processes as well as logistics, activation and order placement, which had been time- and cost consuming before.”
Aurimas Kapočius
Head of Business Segment
Bite Lithuania

Elisa Estonia has licensed 1oT Terminal

“1oT Terminal is the most cost-effective and user-friendly SIM management platform out there! We are delighted to have licensed 1oT Terminal to cater our IoT & M2M clients in a modern way."
Merli Üle
Head of Business Development
Elisa Estonia

How 1oT is different?

We have built a robust and flexible IoT connectivity management platform

Most modern and easy to use platform

1oT Terminal is developed to be a self-service platform. And is recognized with many industry awards.

Easy to integrate, so quick to market

1oT Terminal is a soft layer planted on top of your core network infrastructure. We can host the platform on your preferable solution.

New monetization opportunities 

Earn back licensing and setup fees by charging clients for usage of value-added services with the App store concept.

Customizable value-added services

We can customize the platform specifically for your use-case and build ned value-adding services.

Licensing fee has two components

The setup fee depends on the number of custom integrations required between 1oT and MNO. The monthly payment depends on the number of active SIMs on the platform.

Launch in 3 months

for MNOs looking for a scalable and reliable platform with quick and straightforward integration
  • Admin Portal that acts as a CRM to keep oversight of customers and provide customer support
  • Self-service Client Portal for your M2M & IoT clients
  • Modern M2M billing system tailored for IoT
  • White-labeled platform in your colors
  • Integration with your HLR for provisioning and receiving session information
  • The full version of the App Store available to your clients to monetize their platform use

6 months to live

For MNOs looking for a platform that covers all of their requirements and business needs
  • Everything in the “Essential” package
  • Customisation of Admin and Client Portals – we develop features for your specific use cases which are not supported out-of-the-box by the Terminal
  • SSO integration with your other systems to provide a seamless user experience for your customers
  • Customisation of the billing system to fit your needs if the features of 1oT Terminal’s billing system do not cover all of your requirements
  • Integration with your billing system to automatically import and update pricing plans and invoices
  • Integrations with your accounting software to pull and push invoices between 1oT Terminal and your core systems
  • eSIM integrations with your eSIM partner on ES2 & ES4 levels and the ability to decide the principles of eSIM transactions
  • Flexibility in updating the SIM inventory in 1oT Terminal and automatically pulling SIM stock levels from your systems

Scale up your IoT & M2M business. License 1oT Terminal.

1oT Terminal gives you the flexibility to customize your IoT & M2M business operations.
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