Product Release: New App on 1oT Terminal - Sigfox Integration

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Heimar Lecht
1oT is proud to announce that we have completed integrations with Sigfox so that you can now monitor your Sigfox connections alongside your existing cellular connections on our Terminal platform. The beta version of the Sigfox app is now available in the Terminal App Store alongside our other value-added services and apps.

The current beta version of the app is FREE for you to test out! Please note that this version includes "read-only" functionality for your Sigfox devices. We are determined to release Version 1.0 with more functionality as soon as we have gathered more input about your needs and feedback from the beta version. Happy testing! 

To activate the Sigfox App, please click on the Shopping cart icon on the header bar and toggle Sigfox on. After that, Sigfox will be added to the header bar.

If you click on “Sigfox” from the header bar, three options pop up: Devices, Device Types, & Credentials.

Firstly, under Credentials, you'll need to insert your Sigfox account details

In order to connect all your Sigfox devices to 1oT Terminal, you need to insert your Sigfox API. Find them from your Sigfox network partner account, insert your Username and Password and then you’re all set!

Under Devices, as you’d guess, you can see all of your devices that use Sigfox connectivity.

Here you can see a quick overview of all the Devices you have connected, their Communication Status, Network Status, ID, RSSI, and other relevant information. 

All device data runs nicely to “Events” and “Messages”, which you can see at the end of the row. Under events, you can see all notifications and error messages, and under Messages, you can see all Data sessions with a timestamp and some additional information about which Operator was used, Link Quality, and connection details.

Here is an example of Sigfox Messages, using Arduino MKR FOX 1200 device.

To get more information about a particular device, you can click on the device’s name.

Under Device
Types, you can see all the different types of Sigfox devices that are connected to your account.

If you’re deploying both Cellular and Sigfox devices, this app is definitely for you! Being able to monitor and view your existing Sigfox connections alongside your cellular deployments in the same place will save you time and hassle. Plus the best part is that it’s free for you to test out so why not try it out if you have Sigfox connections. Have any questions? Let us know at hello[at], we have an awesome support team that lives and breathes this stuff. Also, we are more than happy to receive your feedback and ideas about what our Sigfox App's Version 1.0 release should include.

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