1oT eSIM is a revolution in connectivity

1oT eSIM has the superpower of swapping carriers over the air. You can have new carriers without trading out the SIM inside the device. Improved connectivity is just one click away.

1oT eSIM is the key to flexibility for your IoT business

The ability to swap carriers after the deployment offers efficiency and cost & time savings. Companies of any size can simplify the launch process and enable global roll-outs without complicating the supply chain.

Simplify production with one SIM card and cellular module

Standardized production means cost and time savings and fewer human errors. Every IoT device can contain the same hardware and SIM combination. Yet it's adaptable to the environment where it ends up being deployed.

  • Regular SIM (2/3/4FF) or solderable chip (MFF2)
  • Quicker production cycle
  • Bring devices online as soon as they are in the field

Scale faster around the world

Your sales team can be sure that the devices and service will work anywhere in the world. If you decide to open a new market or move to another market, you can do it quickly without needing to replace SIM cards.

  • Ready to scale at all times
  • Simplifies the launch process
  • Swap for the best connectivity and pricing option

Future-proof solution for any hurdle

IoT connectivity can be unpredictable, but with 1oT eSIM you can always be on top of your game. The ability to swap a carrier means that IoT devices are future-proofed against coming network sunsets, pricing, or regulation changes.

  • Sidestep roaming restrictions and other regulations
  • Continuously optimise for better coverage
  • Endure network sunsets or technology changes

1oT eSIM comes with pre-loaded Default Carrier

190 countries

Default Carrier has coverage all over the world.

700+ roaming networks

An extensive list of networks assures you’ll have connectivity at all times.

Understand what carrier suits you best

Compare carriers

Easily compare based on your consumption.

Swap carriers

Swap carriers whenever necessary.

Self-service connectivity management

1oT Terminal gives you full control over your SIMs. Even if the SIMs are halfway across the globe, you manage them from a single interface.

Steps to get started


Request eSIM Test Kit

Give your contact details and receive eSIMs.

Get access to 1oT Terminal

Once the SIMs arrive, you can activate them on 1oT Terminal.

Test session with an expert

Test eSIM transactions to see if your cellular module supports eSIM.

Go live with deployments

Let’s build a global rocketship together.

Ready to take the next step?