Global IoT Connectivity with eSIM or Traditional SIM

1oT offers flexible and completely customisable cellular connectivity solutions.

1oT eSIM

Technically known as eUICC, 1oT eSIM is an unlocked SIM card. It enables you to swap between pre-negotiated carrier services “over-the-air” without the need to physically change the SIM card.


Traditional SIM cards in any form factor ready to be deployed globally. Optimized for best rates.

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1oT Terminal

Self-service platform tailored to give you full control of your SIMs. Complete subscription management functionalities along with the billing.
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Why 1oT?

Managing your connected devices in multiple regions shouldn't be rocket science. Even if you're prototyping, you should be able to enjoy the flexibility of modern connectivity management tools.

No corporate BS

We hate hidden fees or complicated contracts. We are focused on your growth.

Not just an aggregator

You can trust us to help choose the best pre-negotiated deal from our 12 carrier partners.

Global connectivity

2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT & Cat-M1 coverage in over 190 countries.

We are independent!

1oT is not just another aggregator. Think of us as your connectivity department. We will choose the best pre-negotiated deal from our carrier partners worldwide.

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eSIM Test Reports

We have tested 1oT eSIMs on different IoT & M2M cellular modules. All the findings have been documented in eSIM Test Reports.

IoT Hacking Series

Our thorough blog series around cellular hardware with technical posts and DIY hardware projects. Helpful guide while starting with your product prototyping.

eSIM Video Series

Video series about eSIM. Together with different guests from the industry, we cover specific topics and answer the most critical questions.

This Month at 1oT

Monthly update from team 1oT. Discussing things happening in the IoT industry. Also sharing valuable learnings from the field.

Ready to jump on board? Test our eSIMs.

20 €
No subscription or additional fees.
  • 2 test eSIMs
  • 20 MB pooled 
  • 2 active months
  • Global coverage  
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