eSIM for smart energy management

Global connectivity for energy management

2G, 3G, and 4G coverage in over 190 countries, future-proofed with eSIM technology and multiple carrier profiles.

eSIM for energy management

With our state-of-the-art eSIM technology and flexible pricing, we customize our services to the unique needs of each
energy management company.

Single SKU management

Simplify your operations with a single SKU that covers your global connectivity needs.

Make over-the-air adjustments

Have new target markets on the horizon but replacing the SIM vendor or SKU is too difficult? eSIM allows you to switch providers without changing the SIMs.

Cost and network optimization

Use eSIM technology to adapt to network price changes and the evolving needs of your company.

Connect your devices anywhere

Enjoy 2G, 3G, and 4G coverage in over 190 countries. Our SIM cards automatically connect to the best available network and provide access to more than 600 operators worldwide.

Future-proof thanks to eSIM technology

Adapt to changing connectivity requirements without replacing the SIM card. Over-the-air updates make customizing coverage and adding new providers effortless.

Flexible pricing with no hidden fees

We offer a variety of pricing plans to suit any smart energy management company, ensuring cost-effective solutions for your connectivity needs.

Avoid unnecessary costs

Take charge of when your SIMs consume data to avoid costs during device downtime.

Data and SMS limits

Set limits to prevent misuse of SIMs.

Simplify SIM management

Extensive filtering and management features to group, name, and tag your SIMs — link SIMs with specific devices, end-users, or accounts.

Manage your devices seamlessly with 1oT Terminal

Save money and simplify SIM management with Apps

Customize our connectivity management platform, 1oT Terminal, with tools that keep your team and workplace running smoothly.

Connect your devices with global coverage today!