Announcing ISO 27001 Certification at 1oT

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Märt Kroodo

At 1oT, our commitment to data security and our customers' data has always gone beyond security protocols and industry compliance. We have built security into our connectivity management platform (1oT Terminal) to ensure that information remains secure under all circumstances.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have achieved ISO 27001 certification.

"The benefits of IoT are undeniable, but this revolution can only continue if we keep our data secure, build trust and protect ourselves from malicious attacks. At 1oT, we have always taken security seriously, and I am pleased that as a pioneer in innovation and disruption in the IoT connectivity market, we are not cutting any corners when it comes to security," says CEO and co-founder Märt Kroodo.

What is ISO 27001 certification?

ISO 27001 is considered the gold standard for information security management.

Organizations that want to meet the requirements of ISO 27001 must develop and follow security policies and practices. This means that we've implemented the level of oversight and monitoring required to identify and respond to unusual activity.

More importantly, ISO 27001 demands continuous improvement of security measures. Therefore, every business or product decision is made following the requirements of ISO 27001 and seeks to improve the system already established.

Your data is safe and secure

We hope this update will reassure you and your IT team that your data is safe with 1oT.

The entire process:

  • demonstrates 1oT's commitment to information security excellence and continuous improvement,
  • informs our customers of our commitment to protecting their data, and
  • reduces the risk of potential data breaches by implementing the best expertise.

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