Start your global IoT business on the right track

1oT SIM is a flexible and straightforward global connectivity solution to get a growing IoT company off the ground.

Managing IoT connectivity shouldn’t be rocket science

1oT SIM is the simplest way to start, scale and manage your connected IoT devices anywhere, at any scale. The success of your IoT solutions depends on reliable connectivity. But cellular connectivity shouldn't be your primary focus.

Your only SIM provider that connects you anywhere in the world

1oT SIM is tailored for the IoT sector with worldwide coverage. Avoid the hassle of managing multiple carriers and rely on one SIM for global coverage.

  • Coverage in 190+ countries
  • 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and LTE-M
  • Over 1000 networks SIMs can connect to

Choose the best pre-negotiated deal from our 12 carrier partners

If you have unexpected opportunities or new expansion countries, we can provide suitable SIMs from our carrier partners.

  • 1 key partner in every continent
  • Flexibility
  • Swap for the best connectivity and pricing option

SIM that fits any IoT device

1oT SIM is a traditional SIM card (UICC). Simply plug in the SIM, and your IoT device is connected.

  • 2/3/4FF and MFF2
  • Simplifies the launch process
  • Swap for the best connectivity and pricing option

Go global with a single connectivity partner.

Self-service connectivity management

1oT Terminal gives you full control over your SIMs. Even if the SIMs are halfway across the globe, you manage them from a single interface.

Take control of your cellular connectivity

Your creativity is endless. Your IoT project shouldn't be held back by cellular connectivity. Let's build a new unicorn together.

Get started with 1oT

Our experts help you find the most suitable carrier profile for your deployment.

Manage connectivity

Control all of your 1oT SIM cards on a single platform.

One global solution

You'll receive 1 invoice and have a single point of contact for support no matter where the SIMs are deployed.

Scale infinitely with ease

Reach all the business goals with a single connectivity partner.

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