Streamlined Connectivity for Connected Cars

A unified platform, just for a connected car

A single-pane-of-glass interface to manage multi-vendor connectivity with a dedicated platform for connectivity management, API, and eSIM infrastructure.

Single unified cellular connectivity platform 

Built in-house, from the ground up, using today's technology.

A centralized platform

1oT Terminal is the most advanced and user-friendly connectivity management platform on the market, acting as a centralized orchestrator for your global connectivity.

Built-in eSIM infrastructure

GSMA SAS-SM certified platform enables remote SIM provisioning (RSP) for both M2M and consumer eSIM, and the new IoT eSIM (SGP.32) with eIM.

Global connectivity experience

By helping companies scale to 173 countries with 1oT eSIM, we have gained a wealth of global connectivity knowledge that we can use to help your business.

Bring your own connectivity

1oT integrates your partners into a single eUICC to leverage global connectivity more effectively within a single interface. Easily swap profiles to achieve optimal cellular connectivity and pricing over the lifetime of a connected vehicle.

Single-pane-of-glass platform

The 1oT Terminal is a platform that allows you to control both old and new SIMs from different providers in one place. It provides tools to reduce connectivity costs, improve service, and increase productivity. It has full API support to integrate with your other systems or car-owner-facing platforms.

Full visibility of network activity

Gain complete insight into network activity with the real-time monitoring and control solution. 1oT Terminal allows you to track data usage, network performance, and device health in real time. This allows you to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to prevent connection interruptions.

Customized Integrations, Your Way

Unlike other providers, 1oT lets you bring your own EUMs and telecom partners, offering a unique advantage by not imposing a specific operating system or agreements.

Accelerate Global Scaling

1oT consolidates everything necessary for managing global connectivity into a single service, providing confidence that your standardized devices can seamlessly connect anywhere.

Tomorrow's Solutions Today

1oT's best-in-class software is shaped by real-world IoT experiences, making it adaptable to changing market needs and trends.

Empowering global connectivity with unparalleled flexibility

Overseeing a global fleet of connected vehicles is a complicated task

1oT's connectivity orchestration platform can help you consolidate your telecom partners and agreements into a single interface, eliminating the need for multiple platforms.

Streamline managing connected cars today!