IoT consultation with 1oT's experts

Pick our brains about IoT, cellular connectivity, or managing IoT clients as an MVNO.

For IoT companies

1oT’s connectivity and IoT specialists solve connectivity-related problems every day. And we are happy to share this knowledge with you.

Have some IoT and connectivity-related questions? Here’s what we can help you with:

  • Understanding the IoT landscape
    • IoT data privacy and security
    • Laws and regulations
  • From proof-of-concept to a commercial device
  • How to prepare for global deployments?
  • Overview of different network technologies (including LPWAN and 5G)
  • Should you choose SIM or eSIM for your deployment?
    • Differences between SIM types
    • IoT device engineering (R&D and testing). We can also include external partners.
    • Hardware compatibility (eSIM)
  • Making your IoT device eSIM-capable
    • Connectivity management platforms: their importance and main functionalities
  • API for developers
    • Remote SIM Provisioning

For M(V)NOs

We’re white-labeling our connectivity management platform to five telecoms so we know their expectations for connectivity management.

Here’s what M(V)NOs ask us about:

  • What do IoT companies want from a modern CMP?
  • Introduction to IoT eSIM (SGP.32)
  • Should you implement eSIM?
  • How can you increase operational efficiency with a modern CMP?

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