Come and shape up the global IoT sector with 1oT
1oT provides global cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, LTE-M) connectivity to IoT & M2M service providers, such as connected bike manufacturers, fleet management operators or any companies that need to connect its smart devices to the Internet.
Like your smartphone needs a SIM card to send and receive mobile data, so do all other smart devices and sensors in the Internet of Things sphere. That's where we come into the picture with our 1oT eSIM and 1oT SIM solutions.
What devices?

Our solution is tailored for tracking devices, eScooters, bikes, smart city sensors, air quality monitors and parking sensors to name a few.

Who are you?

We act as an independent aggregator of many carrier (mobile operator) services and are bundling them together into one global service.

What's the problem?

We are solving the complexities of finding suitable connectivity solutions & providers. 1oT is a single point for our clients to manage their deployments unitedly from one place.

Grow Quickly and Make an Impact

At a high-growth company, the biggest and best learning opportunity is handling increasingly challenging work on the job. Not only will you develop your skills and expertise rapidly, but you will also meaningfully impact our customers and your teammates.

Our goal is to accelerate your personal and professional growth, where you can expect:

  • Freedom to create – you are responsible for your own success and outcomes
  • A learning environment – we work with people who are eager to learn and share
  • A welcoming team – we're open-minded, friendly, and respect common sense
  • A belief that life outside of work is just as important as professional self-accomplishment
Simply put, we rely on our entire team to accomplish big things that they have never done before so that we can push 1oT to new horizons.
The core values that guide us

Get shit done

We get excited about
moving forward and getting
things done.

Embrace what you do

We are ambitious and see
every challenge as an

Transparent collaboration

We are stronger as a team,
success is collective.

We are curious

Continuously learning is part
of our DNA.

Our Benefits

These are not just perks, they are a commitment to our team. We strive to keep everybody emotionally and physically as healthy as possible.

🍵 Paid Sick Days: Take time off to recover faster.

 1oT annual retreats: Summer days, offsite events, and informal strategy days.

 Wellness compensation: Use our monthly compensation to stay healthy. 

🏝️​ Flexible Vacations: We understand everyone needs time to recharge. We have an open vacation policy and encourage you to use it.

Current openings

If you’re passionate about doing good work and working on something greater than yourself, 1oT is the place for you.
Don’t see a suitable job opening? No problem. Fill out the open application and introduce yourself. We’re always looking for great people.