Exceed your IoT business goals with 1oT Terminal

1oT Terminal is the leading SIM management platform that simplifies the management of the IoT subscription lifecycle. Both for your IoT customers and for your team.


All-in-one IoT & M2M connectivity platform

1oT Terminal is the most modern connectivity management platform for IoT and M2M that can be integrated with anybody's core infrastructure.

A self-service platform for managing IoT connectivity

  • Manage SIMs with different statuses and data limits. Activate SIMs, put them to sleep or take them offline. Customers have complete flexibility and control over each SIM.
  • Detailed usage reports down to SIM, time and bytes. Your customers can quickly review data usage and gain insights such as the location of the last connected cell tower.
  • Your customers can stay in control by giving SIM cards their own names, tagging them or grouping them for better oversight.
  • Test status supported to allow your customers to perform connectivity testing during manufacturing and installation with no fees.

Designed to reduce the workload of your support departments

  • Perform the same SIM actions as your customers, but across all your customers. The admin portal has the same SIM administrative functions as your customers.
  • Simplify troubleshooting by having a complete log of all data sessions and an event log of all actions performed in the Terminal.
  • Receive SIM orders from existing customers directly on the platform.
  • MSISDN recycling is supported. MSISDNs come at a price and some customers need them, others do not. 1oT Terminal has built-in MSISDN recycling logic that allows you to optimize MSISDN charges.

Billing system for M2M and IoT connectivity

The billing system is tailored to the needs of IoT operations. It enables billing not only for connectivity, but also for software applications and bundled services.

  • Flexible billing logic for all types of billing models such as pay-as-you-go, MB commitment and pooled packages.
  • All billing and rating handled by 1oT Terminal. At the end of the month, we simply send you an aggregated billing report that you can use to send invoices. See an example here.
  • Streamline your operations by creating and managing available data packages and product plans through a single interface.
  • Customers have full visibility into their costs and product plans. The platform allows SIMs to be moved between different packages that your back office team has created for customers.

Customise 1oT Terminal to your needs

We have developed several value-added tools (apps) to simplify the management of SIM cards. These tools can be offered as separately paid services.

  • Streamline SIM administrative tasks. Save time and get everyone working more efficiently by implementing custom workflows. Better yet, automate the mundane tasks so you can focus on growth and scaling, not managing connectivity.
  • Integrations help you always be in reach. With various notification channels, you'll always be aware of what's happening with your SIMs.
  • Turn insights into cost savings. Unlock charts that show data usage history across your fleet or at the individual SIM level.

    → Watch the demo video

Easy to use interface for eSIM (eUICC) transactions

1oT platform supports the required ES2 and ES4 integrations and provides a management layer for handling eSIM transactions.

  • Swap carriers with a push of a button. Your customers can enable, download and delete carrier profiles on the eSIM.
  • Oversee the full inventory of IMSI profiles and manage them securely.
  • Automated eSIM tests assure your customer's IoT modules support eSIM.

Elisa Finland on licensing the 1oT Terminal for 2 years

"The 1oT Terminal has brought Elisa Finland’s IoT connectivity to the next level. We have been able to grow our IoT business more rapidly than ever, whether we measure it in euros or the number of units."
Taavi Mattila
Business Lead of Corporate Customers’ IoT Connectivity
Elisa Finland

Bite Lithuania has licensed 1oT Terminal

“Thanks to the 1oT connectivity management platform we simplified our internal processes as well as logistics, activation and order placement, which had been time- and cost consuming before.”
Aurimas Kapočius
Head of Business Segment
Bite Lithuania

Elisa Estonia has licensed 1oT Terminal

“1oT Terminal is the most cost-effective and user-friendly SIM management platform out there! We are delighted to have licensed 1oT Terminal to cater our IoT & M2M clients in a modern way."
Merli Üle
Head of Business Development
Elisa Estonia

Connectivity management built for tomorrow, not yesterday

Old way
It's cumbersome and inefficient to manually collect critical data like customers SIMs and their usage, customer activity and changes in connectivity needs.
Most MNOs have a centralised data warehouse solution that includes data from all platforms. But it's only valuable if key data and metrics are seamlessly transfered to the data lake.
Customers can have complex business processes regarding manufacturing, testing and commercial launch. Without any automated processes, either your customer or the MNO employees constantly have to monitor and manage SIMs manually.
Outages happen, it's a part of the connectivity business. Notifying customers proactively is difficult and it can put a strain to your customer support teams. Especially if they have to react to customer queries one-by-one
New way
Through 1oT Terminal, you can easily see SIM statistics across your customers, changes in their usage and receive notifications for shifts. That makes internal project and commercial reporting very efficient.
1oT Terminal is able to transfer data to your internal data warehouse. Or you can pull data from our API into your central data storage system.
Workflow automation allows you and your customers to set business rules for SIM activities. You no longer need to track SIMs manually, our platform works for you.
The platform allows you to notify your customers in case of (connectivity) outages. Popups on the platform ensure that your customers know when there are connectivity issues.

Here are some problems we’re solving for our customers

Merli Üle
Head of Business Development
Elisa Estonia


Focus on building your business, while enjoying the flexibility

Ready for the market in 3 months
After signing the commercial contract and agreeing on the scope, you will have a modern connectivity management platform ready for customers within a quarter.
We oversee the entire project
1oT is responsible for executing the project plan. This includes updating meetings with key stakeholders, keeping information flowing between relevant parties and conducting demos for the entire team.
We have sold 1 million SIM cards to IoT customers
We developed the platform to launch IoT connectivity business. We have built the experience around managing hundreds of customers with tens of thousands of SIM cards. Today there's more than 1 million (e)SIMs managed on the 1oT Terminal.
We look forward to sharing all of our experience
We take great pride in talking with IoT businesses, testing new ideas and perfecting new features to add value beyond SIM cards. All these updates, operational excellence and industry expertise will be available to you.

Simple, straightforward pricing

At 1oT, we value clients' success. Therefore, our pricing is a reflection of your growth.

The licence fee is made up of two components
  1. the setup fee also known as the initial integrations
  2. the monthly fee depends on the number of active SIM cards
  • White labelling of the platform with your brand
  • Integration with your HLR for provisioning and receiving session information
  • Integration with your SMSC/SMPP to allow sending SMS from the platform to the SIM cards
  • Customization of the billing system to fit your infrastructure
  • eSIM integrations on ES2 and ES4 levels and the ability to define the principles of eSIM transactions
  • Training and tutorials for the entire team
Customised for you
If you have special requirements (e.g. feature requests or other requirements), 1oT can meet them at an additional cost. All quotations are made individually for each customer.

Get-to-know-us period
We know that getting started with new software is difficult. That is why we offer a reduced monthly price for the introductory phase of 3 months.

Pricing that fits your revenue logic

1oT will not charge you for SIMs that do not make you money. Inactive SIMs that are only on the platform cost nothing.