Matroid’s computer vision solutions powered by 1oT’s connectivity

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Matroid develops cutting-edge AI-powered computer vision solutions. They integrate with existing camera systems to analyze image and video streams without invasive setups.

For example, Matroid's systems detect production errors in manufacturing processes, identify safety hazards in workplaces, and offer real-time monitoring for airplane turnaround.

Matroid needed a robust connectivity solution to provide reliable backup connections and a connectivity provider that offers extensive network coverage, flexible services, and quick support responses. They've been using 1oT's connectivity service since September 2023 and are now sharing their experience with us in the U.S.

The challenge

Matroid's vision systems depend on real-time data processing and remote management. However, their reliance on existing network configurations at the deployment sites presented a challenge, as unstable network conditions could disrupt critical operations.

To solve this issue, Matroid required a connectivity solution that offered dependable and scalable cellular coverage across North America, reliable backup solutions to minimize downtime during outages, and a remote SIM management possibility to service and update devices without customer intervention.

1oT's comprehensive connectivity solution

We provided Matroid with a dependable and scalable cellular connectivity solution that enabled their edge devices to maintain consistent internet access.

  • Our LTE/5G services allow Matroid to achieve uninterrupted data flow for real-time visual data processing and analysis. Their SIMs can connect to Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile's networks, so they'll have the best connection no matter where they are in the country. Our data breakouts, located on the West Coast, East Coast, and Midwest, also reduce latency and provide backup options for their SIMs.

  • Matroid has managed to significantly improve their customer experience. More reliable cellular connectivity and the ability to remotely troubleshoot and manage all their SIMs means their clients won't need to deal with device maintenance.

  • Finally, they benefit from our simple and flexible payment logic by combining their Pay-as-You-Go and high-volume data packages into a single invoice every month.

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