1oT Launching its Global Self-Service Based Connectivity Platform at Mobile World Congress 2017

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1oT announces the launch of its global self-service based platform called 1oT Terminal at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, held on 27 Feb - 2 Mar 2017. The platform is addressed to small and medium-sized startups to help them scale worldwide and deploy cellular connectivity with ease. The launch will take place at MWC - the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry.

IoT marks a shift in how technology is used, consisting of connected vehicles as well as consumer and industrial electronics. Normally, smart devices are considered useful only in making certain processes more efficient and saving money, but according to Märt Kroodo, the co-founder and CEO of 1oT, the change is much more fundamental: "When we make the devices around us smart, have them communicate with each other and make decisions, we are creating a platform for the creation of unprecedented services and products. 1oT is helping carry out that revolution in the world."

Mobi Solutions, having previously founded the internationally successful mobile payment service provider Fortumo, co-founded 1oT in 2016. The service offers a hassle-free worldwide cellular connectivity solution to Internet of Things (IoT) devices. 1oT service brings the 2G, 3G, and 4G data services of several mobile operators to a single service platform and enables smart device makers (OEMs) worldwide network access for their devices. Thereby, 1oT provides smart device makers with a SIM card that is tailored for IoT devices, can be controlled through API and works worldwide. Thus far, the growth of smart device mobile data services has been hindered by device makers having to conclude separate contracts with mobile operators in every country or region, or being forced to use expensive roaming services.

Since early 2016, 1oT has expanded its coverage to 100 countries across the world and been developing its platform side-by-side with few global clients only. Currently, the service is being used by thousands of smart devices located mainly in Central Europe and Asia. 

At the Mobile World Congress, 1oT is launching its 1oT Terminal platform to the wider public and is proud to present it to IoT device makers at its stand located at Hall 8.1 – App Planet Stand 8.1J35. The self-service platform to be launched enables IoT startups to order & set up 1oT SIMs with a click of a button, and control its cellular connectivity features from one management or API platform. The solution is tailored for IoT startups that are operating in many countries and regions at once.

Looking ahead, 1oT is dedicated to be one of the first in the world to offer eSIM solutions in addition to ordinary SIM cards. It is estimated that within 2-3 years, most smart devices will be connected to the network through eSIM cards. Additionally, the company is closely monitoring the development of NB-IoT and LTE-M network technologies.

About 1oT
1oT is a global cellular connectivity provider for IoT device makers (OEMs). The company belongs to Mobi Solutions Group and was founded in 2016. The core of 1oT's founders consists of Märt Kroodo, who has a financial background and was the former board member of Click & Grow, and Marko Peterson, a long-standing technical partner of Mobi Solutions. In addition, the project is backed by Rain Rannu, the founder of Mobi Solutions who acts as a strategic advisor. 1oT's headquarter is based in Estonia.

About Mobi Solutions
Mobi Solutions is a mobile value-added services provider and developer, which during its 15 years of activity has grown from a student start-up into a group that has brought numerous internationally successful telecommunications, IT, and mobile services to the market, for example, Fortumo, MobiGW, Messente, Mobi Lab, Greenhouse. In addition to services developed within the company, Mobi Solutions is a financial investor in several successful start-ups, such as Pipedrive, Taxify, Click & Grow, and Teleport.

1oT stand at MWC is located at Hall 8.1 – App Planet Stand 8.1J35

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Märt Kroodo
Co-Founder & CEO
E-mail: mart.kroodo [at] 1oT.mobi

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