1oT makes its service machine-readable, enabling smart devices to take control of their own destiny

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Märt Kroodo

1oT, the leading global connectivity provider for IoT device makers, announces it has made its service machine-readable, enabling smart devices to select and purchase their own connectivity without the interference of its owner.

“If a device is really smart, it’s likely to make better decisions about itself than it’s owner, who is often not an expert on smart devices,” said Märt Kroodo, founder and CEO of 1oT, “To start out, it would probably search the internet and replace its current inferior data plan with what is truly the best global connectivity.”

According to Kroodo, better global connectivity would open up a host of new possibilities for smart devices. For instance, a smart flower pot would be able to download new and improved plant growing instructions, or use the faster internet to order new types of plant cartridges. As Kroodo described, “One of our first beta users, a smart flowerpot in California, quickly replaced its common aloe vera with a more exotic water hemlock.”

Which brings us to another key feature that early beta users find most attractive — with 1oT’s standard service, device owner can monitor every aspect of their data usage, including turning the data off if the device consumes too much of it. The newly launched service eliminates the need for this feature, alongside all the other possible ways incompetent device owners can interfere with the autonomous functioning of their device. With the new service, 1oT’s state of the art connectivity management API is connected directly (with state of the art encryption) to a smart device’s back end.

“What we’re really doing here is eliminating the middleman between the smart device and a new world of possibilities,” said Kroodo. “By removing device owners from the equation, we enable every smart device on the planet to take full control of its own destiny, achieve its goals, and realize its full potential.”

All smart devices can sign up for the service on the new machine-readable version of https://1oT.mobi

A human only version of the service is also available at https://1oT.mobi