1oT Now Available in Over 150 Countries and Unlocking its Connectivity Platform to MNOs

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1oT is becoming the leading global connectivity provider for Internet of Things (IoT) startups and is especially proud of its strong market presence in connected light vehicles segment. 1oT's global SIM cards and self-service based connectivity platform called the 1oT Terminal are being used by hundreds of smart IoT startups all over the world. With this release, 1oT is not only strengthening its position among smaller and medium sized IoT device makers, but is unlocking its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to large market players, including Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

1oT is announcing three major upgrades to its service. Firstly, due to growing interest from developing countries, the company's cellular connectivity service has expanded to extra 50 countries and is now covering more than 150 countries worldwide. 1oT is one of the few aggregators in the world providing such broad coverage and partnering with most of the top mobile carriers worldwide. All this enables 1oT to combine endless custom pricing plans to meet every specific need of a global IoT device maker.

Secondly, as of 1st of May 2017, 1oT starts licensing its connectivity management platform to MNOs. The first white-label pilot project has successfully been carried out by one leading European MNO. The 1oT Terminal enables MNOs to address B2B & B2B2C business models and is an unavoidable tool for operators to start monetising M2M connections and IoT services.

According to Märt Kroodo, the co-founder and CEO of 1oT, the 1oT Terminal is an essential bridge between MNOs and enterprises, helping MNOs to overcome key bottlenecks faced today: "MNOs are poorly positioned in providing contemporary end-user oriented IT solutions, customer experience and subscription management options for IoT device makers. Booming IoT evolution and downward trending mobile data prices are forcing MNOs to come up with value-adding services to protect their margin levels."

Broadly speaking, there are four major shortcomings in today's MNO service that the 1oT Terminal-as-a-Service is addressing:

  • Customer service and experience. No self-service based solutions for ordering, setting up and managing SIMs.
  • Subscription billing and management. Lack of flexibility in billing mechanisms.
  • Focus on colossal clients. IoT device makers' segment is more fragmented and often led by innovative SMEs (leaving connected cars aside).
  • End-user oriented IT solutions. Today's IoT device maker is not just looking for cheap data prices, but is interested in receiving real-time information, controlling all its SIMs on self-service basis and integrating functions with its own applications and systems.

1oT undoubtedly covers basic functionalities that today's IoT device makers are looking from connectivity service, such as receiving real-time information about SIM sessions, detecting the location of SIMs, setting data limits and being able to integrate all functionalities with their systems & applications via API. Moreover, end-clients can set up notifications and alerts for detecting behavioural abnormalities with their SIMs. Research shows that the 1oT Terminal has saved end-clients 32% in mobile data traffic by applying notifications. From the administrative side of functionality, MNOs can set up custom pricing plans and fully automate billing for their end-clients.

According to Märt Kroodo, the effective, automated and self-service based management platform takes a huge weight off from labour intense operations and sets a strong support level for dropping mobile data prices. In addition to MNOs and MVNOs, the 1oT Terminal is also a good fit for high-data-volume clients providing full service to their end-clients.

Thirdly, the 1oT Terminal now holds many value-adding services and apps. Most importantly, the 1oT Terminal can be applied as a supreme platform of many other existing connectivity platforms. Marko Peterson, the co-founder and CTO of 1oT, brings an example: “The 1oT Terminal now enables its clients to integrate other SIMs from Cisco Jasper platform to our Terminal and manage them all from the 1oT Terminal. Additionally, our platform enables the use of data analysis tools, SIM location positioning using Cell ID, sending SMS messages and so forth.” 
Looking ahead, 1oT is dedicated to be one of the first in the world to offer eSIM solutions in addition to ordinary SIM cards. It is estimated that within 2 years, most smart devices will be connected to the network through eSIM cards. Additionally, the company is closely monitoring the development of NB-IoT and LTE-M network technologies.

About 1oT

1oT provides a hassle-free worldwide cellular connectivity solution to IoT device makers (OEMs). 1oT service brings the 2G, 3G, and 4G data services of several mobile operators to a single service platform and provides smart device makers worldwide network access for their devices. 1oT provides smart device makers with SIM cards that are tailored for IoT devices, can be controlled through API and work worldwide. The company is part of Mobi Solutions Group and was founded in 2016 in Estonia. The founders of 1oT are Märt Kroodo, Marko Peterson and Rain Rannu.

About the 1oT Terminal

The 1oT Terminal is a global self-service based connectivity management platform for IoT device makers and MNOs. The 1oT Terminal gathers multiple mobile carriers under one roof and enables IoT device makers to manage their cellular connectivity features from one management system or via API. Read more about the functionalities of the 1oT Terminal from here.

About Mobi Solutions

Mobi Solutions is a mobile value-added services provider and developer which during its 15+ years of activity has brought numerous internationally successful telecommunications, IT, and mobile services to the market, for example Fortumo, Messente, Mobi Lab, MobiGW, and Nevercode. The group’s most prominent subsidiary is the mobile carrier billing service provider called Fortumo, which is backed by Intel Capital and serves customers like Microsoft, Facebook, Google Play and Spotify. In addition to services developed within the company, Mobi Solutions is a financial investor in several successful start-ups, such as Pipedrive, Bolt, Click & Grow, and Teleport

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