1oT Partners with Valid to Disrupt IoT Connectivity with a New eSIM Solution

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Valid and 1oT release a new eSIM solution that allows customers to swap between mobile carriers without switching their physical SIM.

Valid, the innovative eSIM solution provider and 1oT, the virtual connectivity provider for global IoT device makers, announce a partnership introducing a full end-to-end eSIM solution for the IoT space. The combination of Valid's eSIM technology and subscription management services with 1oT's global scope and a pool of pre-negotiated mobile carrier deals, produces a reliable and cost-effective connectivity solution.

1oT´s eSIM solution provides a single point of contact for global IoT connectivity by acting as an aggregator of various carrier services. Instead of handling multiple carrier deals and SIM cards for use in different countries or regions, IoT service providers can now rely on one robust system that gathers eSIM management and different carrier deals under one roof. This allows users like OEMs and device makers to focus on their primary business without having to worry about connectivity management.

"It's a pleasure for Valid to partner with such a specialized and innovative company like 1oT. We are to bring customers a consistent and convenient connectivity solution,” said Pierre Lassus, global director of software and services at Valid. "Having a single robust system will help device makers and manufacturers alike, pushing the priority towards a more streamlined connectivity process.”

The eSIM solution allows customers, like global fleet management companies, to deploy the same 1oT eSIM to all of their tracking devices during manufacturing. Depending on the location of the manufacturer’s service launch, they can choose different mobile network operators for each device. All this can be easily managed through 1oT's platform.

In addition to using regular 2G, 3G & 4G connectivity, 1oT's eSIM has the capability of using NB-IoT and LTE-M (Cat-M1) profiles. If a client is facing negative price changes, quality issues or needs to deploy LPWAN technology in a particular country, they can choose between multiple 1oT’s pre-negotiated carrier services that best fit their current needs.

“Our work with Valid has allowed us to ease some of the most common challenges that arise during the connectivity process for manufacturers using the eSIM solution,” said Märt Kroodo, founder and CEO of 1oT. “1oT is happy to partner up with the leading eSIM infrastructure provider, Valid, to provide access to revolutionary eSIM technology to a wide range of IoT market players.”

This partnership is the first offering of eSIM as a service with Valid and 1oT acting as a carrier independent connectivity providers, bringing flexible connectivity service to a larger customer base.

1oT continues to build strong partnerships with carriers across the globe to ensure the best coverage at the most competitive rates. As a next step, they will start addressing regions with strict permanent roaming restrictions by providing local carrier deals in Brazil, India, and Canada.

About Valid

Valid (B³: VLID3 - ON) makes your digital life more secure with solutions that ensure security-based technologies for document identification, mobile security, SIM cards, digital certifications, banking applications, transportation services and anywhere else client data is located. With over 6,000 employees in 16 countries, we take into account the particularities of each culture and region to create customized and integrated solutions, making Valid a relevant global player when it comes to online lifestyle. Our ability to safely identify objects, transactions and people makes the Company the largest issuer of identification documents in Brazil, the fifth largest producer of SIM Cards in the world and one of the top 10 global manufacturers of banking cards. When you are online, Valid protects you. For more information, go to www.valid.com.

About 1oT

1oT is a carrier independent 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, & LTE-M connectivity provider for global IoT service providers. The company is handling the complexity of working with multiple carriers while providing one invoice, one connectivity management platform, and one eSIM card with many pre-negotiated carrier deals in over 190 countries.

Today, the company is serving 300,000 IoT and M2M devices worldwide with connectivity. Clients vary from connected light vehicles and tracking devices to connected consumer products and smart city solution providers. The service is ideal for clients who need to sell to or provide its service with their IoT or M2M devices in different countries and want to avoid dealing with different carrier integrations, SIM cards, SIM configurations, customer support and invoices.

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