1oT's resourceful approach helps telecoms take a step forward in IoT

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In our previous articles, we gave several reasons for how 1oT Terminal licensing can help your business take a step forward in the IoT/M2M.

One obstacle could be a connectivity management platform (CMP) that does not quite meet your company’s needs. We understand that it’s not always possible to switch to a new CMP. There may be contractual obligations to stay with a CMP provider until the end of the contract. Or maybe the current platform works in some cases, but is too expensive for smaller customers?

In the fourth and final article in our series on connectivity platform use cases, we look at a case, where 1oT was involved in a project, where a telco was looking for an alternative platform to complement its main CMP.

The profile of the telecom was the following:

  • Based in the APAC region

  • Total revenue for FY2020 was €3.6bn

  • Total headcount at the end of 2020 was 3,000 employees

  • In this article, let’s call them Jackfruit Telecom

Now, Jackfruit Telecom had a IoT connectivity management platform in place. It solved the most of the company's problems, but also had some weaknesses:

  • The platform was expensive, which made it difficult to provide a platform for Jackfruit Telecom’s smaller customers.

  • The current platform lacked flexibility. No customisation was possible, which limited the business opportunities.

  • There was a lock-in effect due to contractual obligations, which made it almost impossible to switch to another CMP provider.

Regardless, Jackfruit Telecom started looking for alternative solutions. They were looking for a platform that would be more affordable for their smaller customers. The main problem with the existing CMP was that due to its pricing model they were not able to onboard customers with less than 10,000 SIM cards - the additional costs behind the CMP would have simply eaten up all the profit.

As Jackfruit Telecom began its transition to 5G, other challenges emerged:

  • They needed a platform to manage the speed profiles of 5G connections;

  • They wanted to interpret the collected network data so that everyone could understand it

The requirements for customization and the unknown future were the reasons Jackfruit Telecom was looking for a partner who could support them in the future and provide constructive feedback.

That’s how Jackfruit Telecom came to 1oT.

Together with Jackfruit Telecom, we had more than 15 technical and commercial mapping calls to get a better understanding of Jackfruit Telecom’s business requirements. These conversations were also useful for Jackfruit Telecom, as these encouraged them to think through their business model.

Consensus on the pricing model was reached after going back-and-forth on what structure would work the best for both parties.

In conclusion, a lot of time and effort was put into analyzing and mapping out Jackfruit Telecom’s business needs. As a result, the final contract negotiations between the parties went smoothly and 1oT was able to begin the integrations.

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