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1oT launched its self-service connectivity management platform ‘1oT Terminal’ 2 years ago at the Mobile World Congress 2017. Since then we have gained more than 300k active subscriptions and completed multiple operator integrations.

During the Mobile World Congress 2019, we came up with something new again and introduced our very own eSIM. In earlier blog posts we have explained what eSIM is and how does it work; but, eSIM is not just a piece of hardware that enables to swap mobile carrier services “over-the-air” without touching the physical SIM card itself. To enjoy its full potential, you should be able to also manage the eSIM.

The past year we have extended 1oT Terminal’s functionalities to become a first of its kind eSIM management platform. In addition to having complete control of the SIM cards, 1oT Terminal allows managing eSIMs, including switching the eSIM on and off, setting data limits, or viewing real-time data sessions. We are continually evolving 1oT Terminal and the list of available add-on services is growing to cater the fast-paced IoT growth. All this is vitally important to global IoT service providers who are operating hundreds to hundreds of thousands of eSIM cards worldwide, because what is the point of eSIM if you cannot manage them easily with a click of a button and on a self-service basis?

1oT Terminal is integrated with our partner’s Remote SIM provisioning platform. Meaning that 1oT Terminal can offer all the GSMA* standard eSIM operations such as:

  • Download a profile

  • Enable/Disable a profile

  • Delete a profile

  • Update POL rules

  • Update eUICC information

One key 1oT Terminal function will allow the user to view available profiles for their eSIM. The logic behind the available profile is based on the best service and pricing. 1oT Terminal will prompt the user about the available profiles based on the location of the device. More so, 1oT will keep on adding to our portfolio of pre-negotiated carriers deals to provide local and the best roaming profiles on behalf of the user. This removes the complexity of negotiating multi operators deals for the customer, making sure our clients will never get locked into expensive & long-lasting contracts.

1oT Terminal’s improved billing system now caters to eSIMs as well. The user will receive one invoice irrespective to which operator profile is used — removing the hassle of maintaining multiple invoices from several operators.

1oT Terminal is not only for original equipment (OEM) or device manufacturers. It can also serve a carrier’s eSIM and subscription management needs. The central concept behind this evolution is to provide ONE platform to manage the eSIMs, billing, data-sessions, switching subscription on/off and different value-added services. The Terminal is truly a one-stop shop.

With eSIM 1oT is also introducing numerous services, residing on the eSIM itself. Providing additional information which is displayed on the Terminal. Some of these apps are:

  • eSIM Diagnostics reporting IMEI, IMSI and location information;
  • eSIM Doctor monitors the eSIM’s health and generates alarms to help plan servicing;
  • eSIM Lock helps create forbidden devices lists;
  • eSIM Crypto which adds an extra security layer to communicate with the device;
  • Network Monitoring, reports all type of network KPIs by collecting data from the SIM cards.
All these apps are available on 1oT Terminal to help improve your product.

The Productivity Toolkit app, helps the user perform bulk actions on multiple eSIMs. You can send an enable, download command to numerous eSIMs in one go. 1oT’s Terminal will automatically choose the best profile from the available profiles and download and enable them onto the eSIM.

Ask for a demo at sales@1ot.mobi, and see the overview video from MWC 2019.

* GSMA stands for Global System for Mobile Communications Association. It’s a trade body that represents the interests of mobile network operators worldwide.

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