ACTON improves micromobility with connected charging stations

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Mikk Lemberg

ACTON relies on 1oT’s connectivity to improve the micromobility infrastructure with connected charging stations.

Micromobility is the future. I don't think anybody thinks otherwise. Yet, as we are at the beginning of this transformation, there are a few visible issues that need to be tackled.

Three of them are

  • disorder in public space,
  • integration of these services to MaaS,
  • and the operational cost of collecting and charging the vehicles.

Our client, ACTON, aims to solve both of these problems with their charging stations.

ACTON manufactures charging stations that dock, lock, and charge all kinds of e-bikes and e-kick scooters in one unified system. Their solution helps both public & private landowners and any sharing operators because the stations provide safety against vandalism while charging vehicles for the next ride.


ACTON needs uninterrupted cellular connectivity across the world

There are over 1000 stations deployed. Cellular connectivity is necessary to integrate stations with the operator's sharing platform. ACTON's stations need to be ready to lock, charge, and unlock vehicles and end rides automatically.

ACTON is known for its rigorous testing and design excellence. Take a look at this video where they have tested the locking system 25 000 times.

If the hardware strives for excellence, then the partners are expected to do the same.


1oT handles all the details with the connectivity

ACTON installs 1oT's SIM cards into stations during manufacturing. Therefore, they avoid even thinking about local contractors, network capabilities, and data packages.

"Our stations become online wherever they operate; 1oT handles all the details with the connectivity."

The straightforward process from testing to actual deployments and good communication has been the key to a trustworthy partnership. And it allows ACTON to expand to new markets in North America and Europe.

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