1oT introduces AI-powered connectivity management

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Mikk Lemberg

Today we are announcing a new chapter of 1oT Terminal. I'm excited to introduce two new value-added services, both powered by AI. The main goal of Intelligent connectivity and Connectivity optimiser is to automate the SIM management and optimisation of connectivity.

We have noticed that as the number of SIM at our customers is increasing, the day-to-day management and troubleshooting becomes a tedious task. Therefore, any automation in the background is more than welcome.

SIMs produce tonnes of data, and we can now use it to provide a better experience for IoT companies.

Intelligent connectivity

Intelligent connectivity is an AI-powered predictive alert system. This means that 1oT Terminal can alert about issues with SIMs, devices or potential fraud before a human notices errors or inconsistencies.

The self-service connectivity intelligence solution shares insights about anomalies in device behaviour. The goal is to reduce the manual work required to find insights in a massive amount of data or constantly respond to issues. A proactive and data-driven approach saves time and money.

Right now, we have four larger themes for problems:

  • data overconsumption,

  • SMS anomalies,

  • network-level issues,

  • stolen devices.

When issues are identified, they become visible in the Terminal, where customers can respond accordingly. The goal is to automate specific responses to problems soon.

Connectivity optimiser

The other value-added application is Connectivity optimiser, which acts as a smart accountant. It takes a close look at invoices and data usage to find opportunities to save on connectivity costs.

The positive thing about this accountant is that it doesn't take it personally if you refuse to implement the suggestions. It is up to our clients to decide if and when to accept the cost optimisation suggestions.

The primary value is to rely on the data to optimise data costs or select the best eSIM profile. As we introduce new carrier profiles on our eSIM, finding the most suitable options can become manual.

Therefore, we proactively suggest suitable eSIM profiles based on coverage or price. In addition, the system identifies data packages to save on monthly charges. For example, there can be SIMs LIVE, which do not consume data.

Showing interest in earlier access

We are currently testing Intelligent connectivity's predictive alert system with a small number of customers. We plan to roll out the feature to all our customers shortly. In the meantime, if you'd like to test the app(s) and give us regular feedback, let us know via support@1oT.com or write to your account manager.

If you are considering the connectivity partner, contact our sales team at sales@1oT.com to learn all the benefits of working with 1oT to deploy your smart devices globally.