How Ampler Bikes uses 1oT Terminal’s apps

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1oT has been providing connectivity for Ampler’s award-winning e-bikes since 2021. In 2022, our sales team and technical engineers worked closely with Ampler and their R&D and technology partners to select the best hardware and test different cellular modules for their second generation of e-bikes. You can read more about that in our previous case study.

As Ampler has over 24,000 active users worldwide, automating manual tasks has become crucial for them. So after two years of using 1oT Terminal to simplify their eSIM management, let’s dig into how Ampler is utilizing our value-added apps – namely, Workflow automation and API.

1oT Terminal API

Performing bulk actions with API

Our API support allows SIM activities to be managed efficiently without logging into the 1oT Terminal. Instead of adding one more platform you need to use, API lets you manage SIM cards through your existing device management platform. Take a look at the API documentation.

Ampler has been using our API to switch the status of batches of SIMs. They have designed and manufactured their own e-bike controller that manages the bike’s functions and connectivity. SIMs that are not yet produced into a controller are automatically brought Offline. Once the production is done, the SIMs will automatically be put Live through the API.

Similarly, when Ampler replaces the controller on the bike, they have integrated an automatic SIM status change through their back-end system so that no SIMs in inactive controllers remain in the Live status.

These systems help them avoid Live SIMs using data in devices that aren't deployed, thus cutting down costs and manual labor.

Monitoring data usage with Workflow automation

With over 30 triggers, a simple if-this-then-that logic, and workflow templates, companies can tailor the Workflow automation app to their needs. The app helps save time and costs, spot malfunctions, and prevent theft.

Ampler has activated an automatic data limit increase per bike to keep them online if they go over the monthly limit. That way, the bikes will continue functioning, and Ampler gets a heads-up to investigate possible connection issues.

It's also a helpful tool when the bikes go through firmware updates, so abnormal data usage spikes don't cause any SIMs to turn off and inconvenience the bike riders.

To sum up, the Workflow automation app allows Ampler to save costs and ensure all their devices are working smoothly without having to individually check up on each bike.

What are some other possible applications for the API for micro-mobility companies?

Device manufacturers could bring data limits, location, and other information into their back end and combine the needs-based functionality with their own tools, resulting in more informed insights for customer support purposes.

Companies could also opt out of a separate GPS module in the device if an exact location isn't necessary. Through 1oT's API, they could obtain an approximate location, which might be enough for a general peace-of-mind service.

"Workflow automation gives us a quick way to detect and solve issues without using development resources. 1oT Terminal's API is an essential tool that enables us to integrate the SIM operations into our manufacturing and customer functionality flows." - Kaur Kask, Product Manager at Ampler Bikes

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