Bringing M(V)NO’s IoT Strategy to Life with 1oT Terminal

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1oT has enabled telecom companies to start or enhance their IoT operations. By white-labeling our 1oT Terminal connectivity management platform, M(V)NOs offer customers self-service SIM card management. Moreover, 1oT Terminal streamlines an M(V) NO's IoT strategy, internal processes, sales, and back-office operations.

Over the years, we've seen multiple reasons telecoms white-label our platform. For instance,

Today, we're looking at a case where a telecom could white-label 1oT Terminal and overcome a chicken-or-egg dilemma thanks to 1oT's flexibility. The profile of the telecom was the following:

  • Based in the CEE region

  • The total headcount at the end of 2022 was 350 employees

  • In this article, we'll call them Rhubarb Telecom

Rhubarb Telecom had a limited presence in the IoT sphere. The local market was in its early stages, with few deployments and enterprises just beginning to understand the value of IoT applications. This made it difficult for Rhubarb Telecom to launch its IoT strategy.

An age-old dilemma arose: Without many IoT SIM cards, Rhubarb Telecom struggled to justify the costs associated with the connectivity management platform, yet without it, they could not gain a competitive advantage against their competitors.

Fortunately, Rhubarb Telecom was to be part of a larger corporation where another telecom had already employed 1oT Terminal, seeing a high return on investment (ROI). Thus, Rhubarb Telecom could forgo the lengthy Request for Proposals (RFP) process and instead receive a strong internal recommendation for 1oT.

Despite getting off to a good start with 1oT, we encountered issues with making their commercial model viable.

This is where the flexibility of 1oT came into play.

We have seen that other CMP providers charge hefty, inflexible fees for their platforms that don't necessarily consider where the telecom is with their IoT strategy, how many SIM cards they have sold, the quantities of SIMs they are forecasting, and so on.

1oT has always preferred a different approach, and with Rhubarb Telecom, we agreed on a model that benefitted both parties.

  • A discounted onboarding rate. We understand that even when the white-labeling process of 1oT Terminal is completed, it generally takes telecoms some time to set up their internal processes, often needing additional support from the platform provider to get used to the new system. This reduced rate helps telecoms have the support needed to become comfortable with the new platform.
  • Extensive training and support. As part of the setup fee, we offer extensive training and support to sales, back-office, and support teams. This ensures teams fully understand the value proposition, billing, SIM inventory management, customer management, and customer support.
  • Overall IoT strategy consultations. Rhubarb Telecom consulted with 1oT for a comprehensive IoT strategy. 1oT educated them on the needs of IoT users, such as the value of APIs, workflow automation, and simple data reporting.

All in all, 1oT provided Rhubarb Telecom with more than just a connectivity management platform by also exceeding their expectations with flexibility and expertise in the IoT sphere in general.

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