Elisa Finland’s 2 years licensing the 1oT Terminal

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Mikk Lemberg

Elisa Finland is the market leader in fixed and mobile connectivity in Finland. As a mobile network operator, they are always finding ways to improve their IoT connectivity services.

In 2021, they were looking for a new connectivity management platform to offer their IoT business clients a better experience. Instead of building a new platform from scratch, they decided to license the 1oT Terminal to save time and money.

Integrating 1oT Terminal into Elisa Finland's systems

The integration process was technically complex and included more than 50 stakeholders from business development, sales, network, I.T., and other departments. However, the whole process took only four months from start to finish, which is remarkable, considering that building a new platform could have taken a lot of time and resources.

One of the most challenging parts was migrating tens of thousands of already active SIMs from their old platform to 1oT Terminal. This was the first time we had done this, but thanks to extensive planning, we migrated all the SIMs without Elisa's existing IoT customers losing connectivity and having any downtime.

What changed for Elisa?

Since using 1oT Terminal, Elisa has been able to automate many of their processes. Their employees have access to the Admin portal, which gives them control over their customers, shows what they are doing and how they are scaling, and enables them to create rate plans.

Their IoT clients can access the connectivity management platform and take necessary actions without Elisa's employees getting involved. IoT businesses can use the Terminal to order more SIMs, change SIM statuses, deal with troubleshooting, and receive near real-time analytics about their SIM usage. This takes a lot of burden off Elisa's account managers and IoT department, who previously had to deal with client requests manually.

Elisa has also gotten a lot of positive feedback from their clients, saying that the platform is intuitive and user-friendly.

What changed for 1oT?

We have learned a lot from Elisa Finland's feature suggestions, which have significantly contributed to improving the 1oT Terminal. One of the areas is rate plan management. Their feedback has allowed us to improve the functionalities around creating and managing rate plans, which allows telecoms to offer much more customized solutions for their enterprise customers.

Simplifying connectivity management for enterprises and telecoms

1oT Terminal provides a connectivity management solution that simplifies management for enterprises and optimizes back-office tasks for telecoms. For more details, see the demo here.

In addition to the connectivity management solution, we also offer GSMA-certified eSIM infrastructure licensing for both consumer and machine-to-machine (M2M) variants. The M2M eSIM Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) integrates seamlessly with the connectivity management solution. The consumer eSIM RSP includes its own web application and northbound APIs for integration with telecom internal systems.

1oT is uniquely positioned to deliver advanced software that enhances the value proposition of telecoms for both enterprises and individual consumers.

Elisa Finland's decision to integrate 1oT Terminal into their systems has enabled them to provide better services to their IoT business clients, while also automating many of their own processes. If you want to learn how 1oT Terminal could improve your connectivity offering, contact licensing@1ot.com.