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Today we are announcing a new value-added service that makes managing and optimising SIM more efficient.

As the number of SIM cards our customers have increases, daily management and troubleshooting becomes a tedious task. Therefore, any automation and intelligence in the background are more than welcome.

Intelligent Connectivity is an AI-powered predictive alert system that proactively saves you time and money. It notifies you of potential problems or anomalies in device behaviour. When issues are detected, they become visible in the Terminal, where you can respond accordingly.

The functionality of the app

Most of the value comes from the background; therefore, the app doesn't need a long manual. The goal is to reduce the manual work required to find insights in huge amounts of data.

Here's a short video introducing the app in more detail.

The main tab of Intelligent Connectivity is called Anomalies. Here, detected anomalies are listed by the date they were detected. Any user can respond to an anomaly with quick actions from the dropdown at the end of each row.

The great thing about this table is that it can serve as a to-do list for your team. The Terminal moves each anomaly below the fold if you react to an anomaly or mark it as seen. This is a great way to keep up with the team and see what issues have already been resolved.

The other tab is Settings, which allows you to customise notifications related to Intelligent Connectivity. Not only can you see anomalies in Terminal, but you can also set up an appropriate email cadence for each rule.

You can request an email at the time of detection or a summary email for all rules once a week or month.

If you feel the rule is not appropriate for your devices, you can disable the rule.

Overview of the rules

Right now, we have four major themes:

  • data usage,
  • SMS anomalies,
  • network-level issues,
  • stolen devices.

In total, there are nine different anomalies that we share with you. In addition to tracking consumption and SMS on a daily or weekly basis, there are some exciting rules, such as

  • data limit filling up too quickly
  • the SIM card jumps back and forth between networks and has trouble connecting to one network
  • the SIM card suddenly moves to another country
  • live SIMs have not used any data during the month

As always, we'd love to hear what you think of the new feature. This will help us improve Intelligent Connectivity as well as the other upcoming AI features. Just reach out to the team at

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