Involve your customers in day-to-day SIM management

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Artur Rihvk

We have noticed amongst our customer base that often our clients are not the end-users of the IoT devices. They manufacture the device, add 1oT (e)SIMs during the process, and ship out the device. Then, the devices are received and handled by another party.

A question then arises - who should be overseeing these SIMs in the 1oT Terminal?

Think of one of our customers, say, Acme Group. They're offering GPS tracking in Africa. They assemble the hardware, add 1oT's (e)SIM for connectivity, and (after testing) the devices are sent to customers in Africa.

Acme's customers would like to manage their fleet, troubleshoot SIMs if required, activate/deactivate the SIMs through the API, and much more without calling Acme's account manager. That's why 1oT has built a 'sub-client' functionality to the Terminal.

Here's how it works

First, give the sub-client a name and add individual users to their account.

Secondly, specify which SIM cards belong to a sub-client. You might have 10,000 SIMs from 1oT, but those SIMs are allocated between tens of customers of your own. Using groups helps you specify that one sub-client can only access the SIMs from an assigned group.

In addition to choosing the right SIMs, it's important to specify what the sub-client can do with the SIMs. For example, you might want to allow your client to manage SIM statuses but not use any value-adding apps.

On the other hand, perhaps you want to allow your manufacturing partner to use SMS for device communication. But that partner would not be allowed to deactivate SIMs. All these and more features are customisable for each sub-client of yours.

Once you create the sub-client account, the users will receive an account activation link. They will only see the SIMs you gave them access to and can only carry out the operations you enabled for their account.

There's always the possibility to edit this later, either add/remove users or change the permissions of the sub-client account.

Finally, it's also essential to understand the related costs behind the sub-clients SIM cards. Data usage and cost overview are just a click away. You can export a perfectly formatted CSV file per sub-client.

This makes it easier to allocate connectivity costs among your customer base, especially if the device and mobile data charges are separated.

Overall, the sub-client app is proof that the 1oT Terminal is the most convenient and flexible SIM management platform.

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