1oT Terminal is the first mobile-friendly SIM management platform

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Artur Rihvk

Even though less than 5% of Terminal users historically have used mobile devices or tablets for SIM management, we have great news to share.

We updated the 1oT Terminal to be accessible with smaller devices. More so, we improved the user experience for those special times. Let me introduce the functionality through a back story of how the mobile interface came to be.

As I mentioned, the number of mobile visitors is not high. Still, when we explored the possibility with customers, we realised specific requirements for IoT businesses with devices in remote areas. Literally on some fields or forests where they can't take their PC with them. That's why the ability to monitor SIMs from mobile devices is crucial.

From the research, we found that the prominent use case for accessing Terminal is troubleshooting. What are those scenarios?

  • SIM card has reached its data limit — need to put the SIM back to LIVE status
  • Need to send an SMS to a SIM card to reset the module or update some parameters
  • The device has lost connectivity — need to reset the SIM card

Based on those functionalities, we adjusted the user interface for smaller screens accordingly.

Searching for a specific SIM card was made a lot easier. Moreover, filtering SIMs was made quicker. Users can quickly filter out all SIMs that have, for example, reached their data limits. Colour coding for SIM statuses also helps to estimate the health of the fleet overall.

Once the problematic SIM has been identified, users can easily reset the SIM card. Or look up the APN to make sure it matches the device configuration. Changing the data or SMS limit is also straightforward in the SIM detail view.

The process of debugging involves looking up detailed sessions. That information has been made concise for mobile. Again, selected filters help to look up sessions in predefined periods.

A dedicated '0 kb' filter tracks down sessions with no usage. 0 kb sessions indicate that the SIM tries to connect to the network but fails because of some device misconfiguration.

All in all, the goal of this update is to give 1oT customers better tools for managing their connectivity. And if you're not a 1oT customer yet, get in touch with us through sales@1oT.com.