Expanding the 1oT eSIM with OV's profile

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Kadi Vaikmets

We are happy to announce that we have added OV's profile to our 1oT eSIM! OV is the IoT wing of Manx Telecom, with whom we've partnered since 2020.

With the addition of OV's profile, our clients have access to seamless connectivity and better pricing on a global scale.

OV is a global MVNO that provides an innovative portfolio of Internet of Things, global roaming services, and 'smart SIM' solutions to customers worldwide. It leverages Manx Telecom's high-quality mobile network infrastructure, engineering expertise, and global network agreements with other MNOs to provide global cellular connectivity to IoT and mobile service providers in the UK and international markets.

"At OV, we believe eSIM is becoming the de facto choice for customers deploying IoT cellular-connected solutions. Extending our partnership with 1oT and integrating our profile onto their new eSIM infrastructure allows customers to benefit from increased coverage and access to new technologies like LTE-M and 5G and accelerates time to market for customers. This partnership brings together the complementary strengths of both companies and allows the delivery of exceptional IoT connectivity solutions to customers worldwide." – Paul Donaldson, Chief Revenue Officer at OV

Located on the Isle of Man, OV has connected 7 million IoT devices globally, from coffee machines to medication sensors. They have a wide footprint of over 600 bilateral roaming agreements in more than 170 countries, which allows them to deliver seamless IoT connectivity services in regions where network coverage is often a challenge, like parts of Africa and island nations.

"This partnership is a significant milestone for 1oT and enhances our flexible IoT connectivity offering worldwide. The integration with OV has opened up new markets and strengthened our market position in the EU, Africa, and several island countries. The OV team has been a remarkable partner with extensive technical expertise, and we are prepared to push the boundaries in the IoT space and support cutting-edge IoT applications worldwide." – Taavi Jõgeva, Sales Director at 1oT

Simplifying IoT deployments with eSIM technology

Using eSIM technology for your IoT devices is a great way to future-proof your deployments. eSIM technology allows you to quickly switch telecom profiles over the air whenever you want. This protects you from deployment disruptions related to longer outages or network shutdowns. 

Using eSIMs in your devices will also make scaling into new markets smoother. IoT companies of all sizes can simplify the deployment process and enable global roll-outs without complicating the supply chain.

However, if your devices aren't compatible with eSIM technology, but you're interested in OV's footprint, we also offer UICCs in all form factors (2/3/4FF and MFF2).