Pandu Solutions is revolutionizing senior care with 1oT's reliable connectivity

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Kersti Kloch
Pandu Solutions is a Dublin-based technology company that develops and manufactures PanPan, a remote care solution designed to improve the lives of seniors and other vulnerable people in Europe. PanPan helps seniors live safer, independent lives by facilitating assistance whenever and wherever needed.

PanPan's safety watch includes two-way SOS-calling, advanced fall detection, location capabilities, a platform for telecare providers and monitoring centers, and a user-friendly app for family members. Their devices need reliable connection 24 hours a day with the ability to make/receive voice calls and send/receive SMSs.

Voice calls are a key function in the PanPan watch. From the wearer's perspective, it allows them to speak to someone in a moment of distress and get reassurance that help is on its way. For telecare operators, a voice call is a great tool to confirm and assess an emergency and provide help accordingly.

Thanks to PanPan's safety watch, seniors who wish to live independently but are more susceptible to falls, health crises, or disorientation have access to reliable emergency support.

PanPan's mobile and modern approach makes telecare more effective by appealing to independent people who want to avoid the stigma associated with old-fashioned personal alarms or panic buttons, thus increasing their willingness to wear the device.

Excellent coverage during manufacturing in China and for customers across Europe

Pandu had unique connectivity needs that varied in terms of location and time. Their main challenge was finding a SIM card provider that could offer connectivity across the EU and the UK for their clients and coverage during production at their manufacturing facility in China.

Two separate plans with optimized rates for China and the EU

Considering Pandu's needs, 1oT put together two data packages with different rates and billing methods.

The first plan facilitated device testing in China during their quality assurance process.

The second plan, a bundle including data, voice, and SMS capabilities, provided connectivity for devices once they reached the European market.

The data package in China significantly streamlined their production by enabling thorough device testing before leaving the manufacturing facility. This change made their production more efficient, reducing the time required to have a market-ready device by at least two months.

In the last year, 1oT has been a great match for our remote care-enabling technology. Seniors across Europe wearing 1oT-powered PanPan watches and their telecare providers have enjoyed mobile, reliable voice calls when they have needed it the most. – Guoxian Yang, Pandu Solutions’ CEO.

We're grateful to have the trust of Pandu Solutions and that we can participate in fostering a safer, more connected world for people who need care.