The Benefits of the Same Connectivity Management Platform within a Telecom Group

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The rapid expansion of the IoT industry has led to increased subscriptions, prompting telecom companies to prioritize serving IoT customers.

Still, it's challenging to get into this game without a connectivity management platform (CMP). 1oT's experience shows that a modern and easy-to-use CMP is essential for any service provider.

Over the years, we have offered telecom companies a white-label 1oT Terminal for various use cases.

For example, a few years ago, a telecom company used a white-label Terminal from 1oT to win a tender for 1.2 million SIM cards. The project was successful - customers were satisfied with the modern solution, and the telco's internal processes were simplified.

But the success story went even further. This telecom company was the first in its group to implement a 1oT Terminal as a CMP. The telecom company was so satisfied with 1oT Terminal that it recommended it to other companies within the group.

And one of those companies subsequently white-labeled the platform.

This blog post presents three key benefits of having the same CMP provider within a group.

Spend less time with the legal department

As the second company within a group, the lead time to actual deployment can be much shorter. For example, it eliminates the need for lengthy contract discussions, which reduces the time and effort required before implementation.

Different countries have different legal frameworks, and so on. But legal reviews, data protection, regulation, verifications, and risk assessments will go faster because one of the group companies has discussed these issues and agreed with the service provider.

With less time and effort spent on paperwork, you can focus more on the value proposition of your IoT strategy.

Be confident in delivery and technical capabilities

Another factor that reduces time to market is similar or identical technical requirements within a group. After completing a white-labeling project, others can be confident that the service provider can deliver, is technically capable, and that everything works.

Group companies can also have a collective voice in product development. They can contribute to the product roadmap, ensuring that the CMP provider considers all group company requirements.

Having the same CMP provider allows group companies to receive upgrades simultaneously. The CMP provider can add new features as they emerge or have been requested by one of their clients.

Benefit from shared knowledge and best practices

With the same CMP provider, companies within a group can share knowledge and best practices, which they can use to improve their IoT offering. Information like what kind of solutions have been implemented in different customer use cases can all be shared to benefit the group as a whole.

This way, IoT service providers can avoid making the same mistakes and benefit from the knowledge of others within the group.

A modern CMP is essential when starting or growing an IoT business. Leveraging the same connectivity management platform provider within a group streamlines operations and shortens time to value.

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