Say Goodbye to Manual Bill Breakdowns with 1oT Terminal's New Invoicing System

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Artur Rihvk
Over the years of providing cellular connectivity to IoT companies of various sizes, we have seen that the enterprise-level customers often have more than one IoT business line. These business units have their own operational budgets and revenue goals, which need to be tracked individually.

Until now, 1oT’s billing system was programmed to generate a single invoice across all SIM cards. Thus, if a customer wanted to know the costs between its different business units, this had to be calculated manually.

To better understand the issue, imagine a company using 1oT’s eSIMs for managing large fleets of connected cars, e-scooters, and smart bikes across multiple countries. 

Although daily SIM management on a large scale is easy thanks to 1oT Terminal that displays all SIM cards in one place. Still, the ability to automatically track connectivity costs between the three business units was missing.

As an answer to this problem, the functionality to split company bills between different “Invoice Business Units” was added to the 1oT Terminal. It helps 1oT’s customers reflect on costs between their departments or different units internally.

How does it work?

A new “Invoice Business Unit” can be easily created by all 1oT’s customers on the Company settings page in 1oT Terminal.

There are a few things to keep in mind when moving to a separate "Invoice Business Unit" billing option.

Most importantly, all different “Invoice Business Units” will get a standalone invoice, only including the SIM costs and data usages from the respective data package selected. Additionally, it’s important to note that the invoice can be assigned to a different email address than the one originally registered when signing up with 1oT’s services.

With the new functionality added to the 1oT Terminal, no customer needs to break down their invoices manually any more, as the 1oT Terminal does the job for them.

At 1oT, we believe in direct and transparent communication with our customers and there are never any hidden fees involved, with the latest update to the billing system being an absolute proof for that.

If you’ve ever struggled with understanding where your connectivity costs are coming from, it’s time to look into 1oT’s services – get in touch with our team at