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This is the second article in our series examining why telecom companies have licensed the 1oT Terminal. The first article was about how to get your IoT business off the ground.

This time, we analyse a case where a telecom company had a significant IoT presence but lacked a great platform for its customers.

Let us illustrate this case with a few facts:

  • The telecom company is based in the Nordics
  • The turnover in the last financial year was €1.9 billion
  • The total number of employees is 4,000
  • Let us call them Cherry Telecom in this article

Cherry Telecom has an extensive IoT presence. It has sold more than 200,000 subscriptions. The company offers many different products to its customers and sees a great prospect of expanding the IoT space further.

There was just one problem: they did not have a connectivity management platform. And the pressure from their biggest customer had become enormous, so something had to be done.

Cherry Telecom started sending out RFIs (request for information) to get quotes from connectivity management platform vendors. After several rounds, they finally narrowed the decision down to 1oT.

The reasons to proceed with 1oT were simple:

  • 1oT offers more flexibility than any other provider on the market.
  • With 1oT, they were a key strategic customer. For any other provider, they were just another customer.
  • The pricing model between 1oT and Cherry Telecom had to be specific to Cherry Telecom's use case. Other providers were not willing to adapt.

The contract was signed on February 1. But Cherry Telecom had promised its major customer that the platform would be up and running by May 1. So we only had three months to get into production.

And we met this ambitious deadline!

How did we do it? A few secrets:

  • We agreed on a very precise project plan from the beginning. Everyone knew the scope and what integrations were required. Every deviation was thoroughly analysed and prioritised.
  • Weekly project meetings between key stakeholders. This kept information flowing between relevant parties.
  • Monthly progress demos for the entire team. This helped get buy-in from all team members.

Incidentally, all of this was accomplished at the height of remote work. After the launch date, Cherry Telecom began methodically onboarding its customers and collecting feedback on how they were using the platform. This feedback is analysed together with 1oT to ensure that the platform meets users' expectations.

We have already received strong indications that an easy-to-use SIM management platform was the missing link in Cherry Telecom's value proposition for its IoT customers. As the demand is huge, we are migrating already active SIMs to the platform as well.

Want to learn more? Visit our website or write to us at licensing@1oT.com.