How 1oT Terminal can help you win large-scale tenders?

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This is our third article covering reasons why to license a connectivity management platform from 1oT. We've seen multiple stories, whether it's about making the first steps in IoT or finally giving enterprise customers a platform they have been asking for.

This blog post will go over a case where a CMP was required as part of a large-scale tender for SIM cards.

Our customer participated in procurement, where one of the requirements was to provide a platform for managing SIM cards.

What is the profile of this telecom?

  • The company is located in the CEE region.
  • Total revenue for FY2020 was €340M
  • The total number of employees at the end of 2020 was 700
  • In this article, let's call them Grapefruit Telecom

In the spring of 2021, Grapefruit Telecom participated in a tender to produce more than one million SIM cards for a utility company in the region. One of the requirements of the tender was to provide a platform to manage all these subscriptions.

Grapefruit Telecom approached 1oT to license a platform that would meet the requirements of the tender. Fortunately, Grapefruit Telecom won the tender, and the key processes were put in place immediately:

  • Grapefruit Telecom and 1oT began integrating their core networks to complete the CMP on time;
  • The actual SIM manufacturing process to provide the physical SIM cards

As usual in tenders or with other significant business opportunities, time is of the essence. There were strict deadlines that both teams had to meet.

Work started in mid-June, and the platform had to be available to users by early September. So we had three months to complete the project.

And guess what? We did it.

Some key features of working with 1oT stood out in meeting the tender requirements:

  1. The ability to translate the platform's user interface into the local language. This is a significant advantage for telecom companies using 1oT's platform, as most other CMPs on offer are only available in English.
  2. Customizable data storage according to local laws and regulations. Legislation can be particular about what type of data can be stored and for how long, and what must be deleted after a certain amount of time. 1oT adapts the Terminal to the needs of the telecom companies to ensure that the platform is compliant with local regulations.
  3. The ability to recycle MSISDNs saves a significant amount of money. In this particular case, some subscriptions needed their MSISDNs, some subscriptions received MSISDNs from a preset pool, and some had no MSISDNs at all.

At 1oT, we know that every case is different. We understand that an essential tool like a connectivity management platform cannot simply be taken "off the shelf" but requires more profound business and legal consideration.

From our licensing cases, we know that clients' needs are different and may require a more personalized approach. Therefore, we have always worked with the MNO or MVNO to find a solution.

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