Advanced user access control for connectivity management from 1oT

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Artur Rihvk

Having a SIM card management platform is crucial for IoT companies that require cellular connectivity for their devices to connect. Most connectivity providers offer a platform of some kind.

As the deployments grow, so does the team headcount and the number of specific competencies. Such as manufacturing, operations, finance is required to keep the IoT projects running — so the challenge of user access emerges.

Some team members should be able to troubleshoot SIMs. Some should be able to send AT commands for device management. Somebody wants the monthly invoices from the platform. The majority of the SIM management platforms on the market don't offer customised user permissions.

That's precisely the problem we're solving by introducing more flexible user roles into the 1oT Terminal.

1oT customers themselves can manage the user access rights in the 1oT Terminal. It's done under the 'Company settings' page.

We've seen cases where a customer has outsourced their manufacturing and thereby needs to give the subcontractor access to the 1oT Terminal. But this 3rd party shouldn't see confidential pricing information nor past invoices.

The finance department also has access to the connectivity management platform to review costs and manage payment methods in larger teams.

What other cases have we seen from our customers?

  • Operations teams want to segment SIM cards based on end-user or specific countries. The only required functionality is to modify SIM names, groups and tags.

  • Local teams want to swap over to different eSIM profiles to optimise costs and troubleshoot. The ability to carry out eSIM transactions is all they need.

  • Hardware teams want to send some SMS to the device. Be it AT commands or firmware updates, or APN configuration. They don't need any other Terminal functionality.

If your current platform does not support such user permissions management, the consequences can be terrible. You have users with more rights and visibility than they should have. Granular user permissions are an essential risk management tool to ensure users access the data required for their day-to-day work.

In addition, you can always edit user permissions. If somebody changes positions within your team, you can adjust the permissions in the Terminal.

We invite all 1oT customers to take advantage of this functionality. And if you're not a 1oT customer yet, get in touch with us through