1oT Terminal now automates your SIM administration tasks

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Artur Rihvk

Need to reset a SIM after it's been disconnected for a while? Or set it offline to optimise costs when it hasn't done any data in weeks?

These tasks can now be automated with the Workflow automation feature. The functionality is based on a simple "if this, then that" mechanism that supports automated actions based on predetermined triggers.

To use the app, go to "App Store" in 1oT Terminal and activate the app "Workflow Automation". Using the app costs 0,04€ per active SIM per month.

Set your first automation rules

1oT Terminal supports a variety of triggers. If you want to automate troubleshooting activities or make sure you have your costs under control, choose the appropriate trigger.

You don't have to log in for the actions to take place; we do that for you. Logs of all events are automatically stored. So you can later track which automated actions have taken place.

Once the trigger has occurred, you can set up a follow-up action that will be executed by 1oT Terminal. There is a wide range of actions that you can automate:

  • Changing SIM status, such as sending a reset request for malfunctioning devices. Or changing the status to one with lower monthly charges.

  • Naming or grouping SIMs based on their behaviour. For example, the Terminal could place all SIMs into a new group based on their country.

  • Communicating with the device via SMS. Maybe the module needs to be rebooted and not the SIM card?

If you want, you can receive a notification when the trigger has occurred. The notification can be sent directly to your email (or emails) or via API to your device management platform.

What if you need to edit a workflow later? No problem, you can always come back and adjust both the trigger and the action. Or you can disable the workflow, which is like putting the triggers on pause.

If you're already using the 1oT Terminal to manage SIMs and grow your business, we'd love for you to try out the new feature. However, if you are considering the connectivity partner, contact our sales team at sales@1oT.com to learn all the benefits of working with 1oT to deploy your smart devices globally.