Simplify SIM management tasks with Workflow Automation

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If you need help automating SIM management tasks for your organization, this blog post is an excellent resource. It looks at the most common ways your business can benefit from automation, such as saving money, streamlining processes, and preventing theft.

For those unfamiliar with this concept, the 1oT Terminal's Workflow Automation app might be worth considering. With over 30 triggers and simple if-this-then-that logic, this app can be tailored to your needs. Check out the demo below, or read more about the basics here.

Let's dive in.

How to save time

  • A company electrifying off-grid households uses Workflow Automation to automatically group SIMs by country as soon as they start consuming data. This saves them the task of manually grouping SIMs and makes managing them easier in the future by using bulk actions.

  • A smart lock and keyless entry manufacturer gets notified once their devices go live after being shipped. This allows them to have an overview of where their products end up being used, and they don't need to manually check if the devices have made it to the customer or not.

How to save costs

Several companies have implemented automatic measures to prevent excessive data usage and bills.

  • For instance, a company producing hydrogen peroxide generators automatically switches SIMs to a different data package when the devices are deployed in more expensive countries to avoid overage fees.

  • A GPS tracking company receives notifications on data consumption and automatically switches off devices in case of high usage to avoid massive data consumption and large bills.

  • Additionally, a water well monitoring company shifts its device from a pay-as-you-go package to a fixed MB package when data usage starts. As their devices can sit on the shelves long before their first use, their SIMs will be live in the pay-as-you-go package to keep costs minimal. As soon as the end customer begins using the devices, the SIMs are moved to an optimized MB package.

How to spot possible malfunctions

  • An industry oil generation company gets notified each time a SIM has been inactive for 5 days, as this indicates a problem with the machine. They can then quickly log in to the 1oT Terminal and investigate the faulty SIMs.

  • Another company has a high data usage warning that points to a likely error. As their devices typically use very little data, high usage alerts will let them instantly troubleshoot the device.

How to prevent theft

  • To protect against SIM misuse and avoid usage in expensive countries where they aren’t deployed, one micro-mobility company uses location-based traffic control to take SIMs offline when entering certain countries.

  • In addition, a company with ordered consumption patterns closely monitors data sessions for each SIM. It has set a rule to receive a notification when a more than 1 MB session occurs. This way, the company can immediately investigate any possible misuse or theft and take appropriate action.

If you would like to use these cool features with your SIM cards, reach out to to arrange test SIMs and get access to the 1oT Terminal and the Workflow Automation app.