How we implemented a GSMA-compliant Remote SIM Provisioning workload on AWS

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Marcin Kulczycki
In August 2022, we launched our eSIM RSP infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This made us the first carrier-independent eSIM connectivity service provider with its own infrastructure and connectivity management platform (CMP).

Now, AWS has written an article about our experience hosting part of our eSIM Core on their cloud.

Our eSIM infrastructure, 1oT eSIM Core, is an end-to-end solution that enables eSIM for IoT and consumer devices. We are also white labeling the 1oT eSIM Core, which means any Mobile (Virtual) Network Operators can sell their services through eSIM.

The growth of eSIM has given rise to an environment of subscription management services that provision and manage operator eSIMs. Similarly to IT applications, eSIM subscription management services are also transitioning to the cloud.

Using a combination of on-premises and cloud data centers, we can benefit from the elasticity, scalability, security, cost-optimization, and smaller carbon footprint of the public cloud.

This article, co-authored by 1oT and AWS, explores how we implemented the cloud solution on AWS in compliance with the GSMA SAS-SM security standard. Read the article on AWS' blog!

AWS also interviewed us about the business and technical benefits that made us opt for their cloud solution.

1oT's CPO, Mikk Lemberg, talked about why we chose to use AWS and the business benefits it has brought along.

1oT's CTO, Andres Robam, shared how 1oT managed the cloud integration from a technical point of view.

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