1oT is Expanding its Reach in North America by Opening an Office in the United States

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Liisi Raa
1oT's CEO & co-founder Märt Kroodo and the U.S. Country Manager Andrew Worth

We are excited to announce that 1oT is increasing its footprint in North America by opening an office in the United States. Located in Chicago, Illinois, the new office is the key to enabling even better service to our customers in the region.

Chicago as an office location has a number of advantages over other large US cities, especially in terms of logistics. And in addition to that, the third largest city in the United States has become one of the main hubs of the U.S. technology market.

"When it comes to timezones, being in the Midwest significantly simplifies communication within the U.S., all over North America, and also with the European offices. That way we can be easily accessible for our clients all over the region,” said Andrew Worth, 1oT’s U.S. Country Manager.

Why did we decide to expand to the U.S.?

North America has become a crucial region for the IoT connectivity market. According to Berg Insight’s research from 2019, the North American and European markets together represent 180.9 million units of the active M2M/IoT applications across all verticals, making up 55% of the units deployed globally. Statista’s data from November 2022 shows that the U.S. is the clear leader of the IoT deployment market, with revenues reaching 4.7 billion USD in 2022, only to be followed by China - the leading manufacturer of IoT devices.

Keeping that in mind, we’re strong believers that offering a global connectivity service means having a global presence. And having learned a lot from being present in the European market, we felt confident in expanding our reach in the United States.

1oT's U.S. Country Manager Andrew Worth and the company's CEO & co-founder Märt Kroodo at the CES conference in Las Vegas

Having a team present in the United States allows 1oT to better serve the needs of different companies:

  • Companies based in the United States that require multi-network support to guarantee connectivity across the country;
  • Companies based in the United States that want to expand their business in other countries and continents;
  • Companies from around the world that want to expand their business in North America.

The primary reason for this move is to provide better support for our existing customers in North America. Being present there helps us to provide better quality service, including more accessible support and a local point of contact. Additionally, being there in person helps us better understand the needs of the IoT companies in the region, thus giving us the understanding to tackle the issues they’re facing more efficiently.

Another side of this is to serve the IoT companies in the United States that are looking to improve their current connectivity service. Our solution for the market includes multi-network support with 1oT eSIM, together with a dynamic, self-service connectivity management platform 1oT Terminal for simplified everyday SIM management.

1oT’s agile eSIM solution also enables the companies currently present in the U.S. to easily expand their business beyond the country's borders without ever needing to change out the SIM, or having to negotiate a new connectivity contract in every new country of deployment. The 12 pre-negotiated carrier profiles enable reliable connectivity in the entire North American region and beyond.

Giving a keynote speech at the Micromobility World Conference

1oT has been a pioneer in the micromobility industry, and we have always maintained our expertise in the micromobility space.

We will be sharing insights into our years of experience working closely with the micromobility industry at the Micromobility World conference. Our U.S. Country Manager Andrew Worth will be talking about the learnings and key takeaways of implementing 1oT’s global connectivity service in Ampler Bikes’ second generation of e-bikes, launched in Spring 2022.

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