1oT's Year in Review 2022: Celebrating Better Connectivity

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As 2022 is coming to an end, it is time to conclude the year by lining up the most significant milestones and accomplishments.

This year, 1oT has greatly expanded its reach with its cellular connectivity offering for IoT companies worldwide. Today, we’re proud to say that 1oT’s customers have deployed more than 1.4 mil SIM cards, in more than 173 countries around the world, ranging from bird trackers to e-scooters.

But now to the key milestones and events of 2022.

Taking eSIM implementation to the next level

Building our own eSIM infrastructure - 1oT eSIM Core

In August 2022, after a multi-year journey, we launched our own eSIM infrastructure 1oT eSIM Core. This made us the first telecom-independent eSIM connectivity service provider with its own infrastructure and connectivity management platform.

1oT eSIM Core is a GSMA-certified remote SIM provisioning (RSP) platform for IoT and M2M. In addition, 1oT eSIM Core leverages the best of both worlds by creating a hybrid combination of cloud and on-premise infrastructure.

Owning our own eSIM infrastructure ensures high-quality and secure connections for our customers, speeds up the process of onboarding new telecom profiles for our eSIM offering, and opens up new opportunities for extended value-added services and synergies with our connectivity management platform 1oT Terminal.

This is a big step forward in our mission to make eSIM technology the IoT industry standard and drive the entire market to offer a modern, fast, and flexible connectivity service.

Reducing the ecological footprint with 1oT half-SIM

This year we welcomed the 1oT eSIM cards with a brand new look. The new card was designed to reduce the unnecessary plastic waste that is left after the SIM itself is removed from its “shell”.

With this change, we will save more than 140 kg of plastic waste per year - a small change with a big impact.

The card also has a unique feature - a scannable QR code on the back of the card, making it easier to get started with 1oT and connect devices even faster.

Growing together with our customers

Sharing key takeaways for a successful connectivity management together with Bite Lithuania

1oT partnered up with Bite Lithuania to cover what role connectivity management plays in the everyday SIM management processes at scale.

The speakers featured industry experts from both sides:

  • Paulius Rauba, IoT Project Manager at Bite Lithuania, unpacked how using 1oT’s connectivity management platform 1oT Terminal has improved their everyday processes internally and with their customers alike.

  • Artur Rihvk, Product Manager of 1oT Terminal, focused on the specific value offering of the 1oT Terminal, and what to keep in mind when choosing a connectivity management partner for your IoT business line.

With the first on-demand webinar experience under our belts, it is safe to say that it is only the beginning.

Preventing workplace injuries with Bodytrak

1oT was happy to present a case study with Bodytrak, who are using the 1oT eSIM in their devices to prevent life-threatening workplace injuries.

Through their wearable earpiece, real-time alerts and insights are gathered to protect teams from preventable workplace incidents related to heat stress, fatigue, noise exposure, and burnout.

We’re honored to play a part in the Bodytrak journey and are excited to see how this partnership will evolve in the future.

Bringing smart crosswalks to the next level with Bercman Technologies

1oT partnered up with an Estonian startup Bercman Technologies to bring eSIM cards to smart infrastructure devices.

Bercman’s IoT-based smart crosswalks, now equipped with hassle-free and fast installable 1oT eSIM cards, are increasing traffic safety and supporting smart vehicles’ further use in city transportation.

The first smart crosswalks with 1oT eSIMs are installed on the streets of Greece’s third-largest city of Patras.

A year of recognition (and conferences)

2022 finally allowed us to attend industry events in person. And we definitely did make the most of it.

As the most notable event of the year, the 1oTeam attended the first industry event in the Middle East - the world’s largest technology conference Gitex Global 2022 in Dubai.

It was our first step to expand our reach in the region, and in understanding the local IoT market, their expectations, needs, and how the market differs from the EU.

High praises from industry professionals

This year, our efforts were acknowledged by multiple award nominations and wins, with the most notably being recognized as the “Best IoT Opportunity” by Carrier Community Global Awards for the third time in a row!

In addition to that, our hybrid eSIM infrastructure solution was nominated as one of the greatest collaboration projects of the year by the Tallinn Economy Awards for partnering up with AS Levira for the on-site infrastructure.

We're grateful to have formed a strong partnership with Levira. It feels good to get noticed for what we have achieved together!

Customer-centric approach rewarded

We’re proud to announce that our customers have recognized us as “Easiest To Do Business With” and having the “Best Support” in the IoT Connectivity Management category on G2, the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace.

This recognition is based on the responses of real users for all of the questions featured in the G2 review form.

Now looking into the future, 2023 seems bright and exciting!

With our team being bigger than ever and expanding at rapid speed, there are definitely even more great projects and opportunities around the corner!

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