1oT Terminal rewind 2023

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2023 is nearly over, so what better time to take a look back at how we improved our connectivity management platform this year. Here are 10 of the biggest upgrades the 1oT Terminal saw in 2023.

Simpler SIM management

Coverage plan options for eSIMs

Users with 1oT eSIMs can now view all coverage options under specific data packages, providing insights into network coverage in different countries and the corresponding network access technology​​.

Revamped Data Packages page

The Data Packages page now provides a clearer overview of pricing, ongoing fees, and data package usage, including features for those preferring prepaid billing​​.

Revamped email updates

The monthly invoice email now includes a visual breakdown of your SIMs' status, a detailed cost comparison with the previous month, and some engaging global deployment fun facts. Plus, operational emails have been streamlined for clarity and conciseness, making them more informative and easier to understand.

Keep track of your SIM orders

You can now see all of your SIM orders on the 1oT Terminal. When you log in and go to the Invoices page, we now show all orders attached to your account. This is useful for keeping track of your SIM stock and seeing what and when you've ordered.

Getting the most out of 1oT Terminal with our apps

Introducing Workflow Automation templates

Getting started with the Workflow Automation and KPI Reports apps is simpler than ever, thanks to several pre-made workflows. We looked at the most popular workflows our users have created and added them as templates to save time for future users. The templates will give you ideas on how to automate your SIM management and get notified of any important changes.

Detailed insights with the updated KPI Reports App

IoT devices generate a lot of data, but knowing what to do with it and how to use it is a significant feat. With our updated KPI Reports, you can create custom reports to monitor the performance of the SIMs, identify trends in device behavior, make data-driven decisions, and improve communication within your company.

With the updated version, you can compare data usage over time against historical information for enhanced data analysis. As such data sets can get very complex, we've included simplified interpretations so you can easily understand all of them.

The app allows you to create custom reports, select the data you want to track, and choose how often you wish to receive updates. Read more!

White-label the 1oT Terminal with our Sub-client app

The Sub-client app is a feature within 1oT Terminal that allows you to give access to your clients and lets them control SIM status, send SMS, or troubleshoot connectivity issues. We added the option of white-labeling the app, meaning you can customize the look of the 1oT Terminal with your logo and remove all references to 1oT.

This feature helps reduce the cost of managing IoT devices, saves time by reducing communication between you and your customer, and allows for more flexible business models.

The Sub-client app also allows control over app visibility. Users can select specific apps to be visible to sub-clients and view which apps each sub-client enables, along with the associated costs​​.

By customizing the Sub-client app to your brand, you can stand out from the competition and provide your customers with a personalized experience while reducing operational costs. Learn more!

Improvements to the Admin portal

We don't just keep the Terminal to ourselves. We also license it to M(V)NOs who want to streamline their IoT connectivity business. The self-service layer reduces the workload of M(V)NO employees by letting enterprises manage their connectivity service independently. Telecom employees get access to an Admin portal where they can manage and oversee enterprise customers, and we've given the portal some significant updates this year.

New features on the Invoices page

Now, all the information regarding invoices and pricing is conveniently located within the Pricing tab in the header menu. If any issues arise with invoices, you'll now find error descriptions and due date information available for quick resolution.

We simplified filtering invoices in different states for easy management. You can also access a comprehensive overview of past invoice cycles with crucial details such as revenue, breakdown of payment methods, and details on any unpaid invoices under the Reports tab.

We introduced Revenue Assurance, which identifies potential errors or anomalies in invoices. Also, you can customize flagging preferences through the user interface without developing anything.

New admin user permissions in the Admin portal

We created a new functionality that allows M(V)NOs to appoint admin users. This means that M(V)NOs can set up an account management system where users can only see specific customers.

Managers, or superusers as we call them, can choose which rights account managers get. This is useful in cases where you need account managers to see only certain customers or when you want to give your customer support team view-only access for problem-solving. Thanks to the new user permissions, you can divide your customers between several account managers while maintaining control over everything.

Introducing the Admin API

Our enterprise IoT customers have been enjoying the API capabilities for a while now. This year, we also added the API app to our Admin portal for M(V)NOs. The API feature allows you to create customers and data packages, update data package names, upload and attach SIMs to customers, and retrieve information on data packages, new subscriptions, and much much more without logging into 1oT Terminal. You can do all those actions in your own system and send them to the Terminal without duplicating the process.

We made all those updates this year to offer our users a smoother and more personalized connectivity management experience, so I hope you enjoyed using the 1oT Terminal in 2023!

Our Terminal team has been busy at work to release some major changes early next year. We’ll keep you updated with everything on our changelog and LinkedIn!