Bodytrak is preventing workplace injuries by staying connected with 1oT eSIM

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Bodytrak connects with 1oT eSIM to prevent life-threatening workplace injuries.

Workplace injuries cost businesses billions of dollars each year. Studies predict that the economic burden caused by workplace heat stress will reach $2.5 trillion by 2030. However, many of these injuries can be avoided through solution-based prevention.

This is where Bodytrak's speciality lies.

Bodytrak is the only non-invasive solution of its kind in the market that is driven solely by data and is available worldwide. Through a wearable earpiece, real-time alerts and insights are gathered to protect teams from preventable workplace incidents related to heat stress, fatigue, noise exposure, and burnout. 

Audio alerts notify the user directly through the earpiece when preset thresholds are exceeded while also notifying supervisors via a Dashboard, email and/or text to ensure intervention and assistance can be sent immediately.

Bodytrak is a reliable safety solution implemented in various industries, such as paper mills, metal smelting facilities, and logistics. The Bodytrak solution has also been trialled by the emergency services (firefighters) and the defence sectors.


The need to utilise cellular connectivity for use cases where WiFi is not always available

The Bodytrak device is optimised to work with WiFi; however, cellular connectivity is required for areas where WiFi is not readily available. This is important for lone workers and in areas such as logistics, engineering, and surveying where they move around a lot. To ensure continuous data is transmitted to the Bodytrak Incident Management Platform it is important to have a continuous and reliable connection.

In addition, the 4FF SIM cards (nano-SIM) previously used had a large footprint on the PCB of their devices, making the production process difficult. A smaller eSIM solution with the MFF2 form factor was needed to improve production efficiency while saving space on the PCB.


1oT provides an all-in-one connectivity solution

Since deploying 1oT's eSIM solution in the MFF2 form factor, Bodytrak has been able to improve production efficiency while saving space on the device's PCB. As the company continues to evolve, it is looking to further simplify its operations. The company plans to leverage 1oT Terminal’s API to integrate with its current shipping process.

In addition to a cohesive connectivity offering, Bodytrak can manage all of its eSIMs in one location on 1oT's connectivity management platform, 1oT Terminal. Unlike other platforms Bodytrak has used, 1oT Terminal meets all of the company's requirements while providing an easy-to-use interface. 

In addition, with the 1oT Terminal's Diagnostics app, Bodytrak has the ability to retrieve even more information about specific devices in the field by linking the device's ID to the IMEI number. This way, Bodytrak can pinpoint the location of the device and provide efficient support to its customers when needed.

In addition, the API feature ensures that Bodytrak can automate its production and in-service SIM, including real-time monitoring of data consumption.

"The process with 1oT was relatively straightforward, which gave us confidence that 1oT could be the right supplier for Bodytrak. From the initial contact to the purchase of the eSIMs, the support was very responsive and enabled us to move forward and ensure that the 1oT services could work alongside our current operations," explains Matthew Mammana, Operations Manager at Bodytrak.

1oT is honoured to be part of the Bodytrak journey in preventing workplace injuries and is excited to see how this partnership will evolve.

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