How Can OEMs Generate Additional Revenue with 1oT eSIM?

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This May, we introduced a new and improved half-SIM design for all our eSIM. The new design is not only in line with our move towards a more sustainable future (using the new SIM design will save 140 kg of plastic waste per year) but also features a scannable QR code at the back of the card.

The QR code was added to simplify the SIM activation and account registration process for 1oT’s Connectivity Management Platform 1oT Terminal. With this new feature, we have removed the complexity of a formal sign-up and reduced it to three simple steps.

All you need to do is:  

  1. Scan the QR code on the card;
  2. Create an account on 1oT Terminal;
  3. Attach the credit card details for further billing.

And that’s it! The eSIMs are live and connected to the network.

Today, we’d like to introduce two ways how to use the new and improved 1oT eSIM for generating extra revenue your IoT hardware manufacturing business.

A complete smart device solution for your customers

Now imagine you run a company that makes telematics devices for the smart supply chain, such as trucks transporting goods across South America. Your tracking devices travel long distances between countries and need to be constantly connected and monitored for security, visibility, and service quality reasons.

Typically, your customer is the one solely responsible for their connectivity solution. After receiving the tracking device, they need to find a connectivity vendor to secure high-quality connectivity in multiple locations.

A complete IoT solution would greatly simplify your customers' lives, allowing them to focus on growing their business instead of worrying about connectivity management. With the help of 1oT, you have the opportunity to provide your customers with a comprehensive IoT device solution by offering connectivity services in addition to a smart device.

1oT's enhanced eSIM offering gives you the tools you need to provide your customers with an all-around IoT solution. By offering 1oT eSIM along with your product, you can either become a service provider or provide a complete solution and let 1oT handle the connectivity.

Let’s take a look at what each option offers.

Ready-to-go package

If you're looking for a way to offer your customers an easy and hassle-free connectivity service, you can't go wrong with the Ready-to-Go package – all you need to do is to provide your customers with eSIMs in addition to your device and let 1oT take care of the rest.

1oT eSIM comes with a preloaded default profile with cellular coverage in over 190 countries, ready-to-go so that your customers can enjoy their high-quality connectivity service right away. Choose between 2/3/4FF industrial grade eSIMs that are easy to deploy via QR code activation.

Choose this option if you want everything taken care of for your customers—no extra work required on your part!

Become a service provider

Take full charge of your customers’ connectivity – in addition to the industrial-grade eSIMs and high-coverage default profile, you have complete control of your customers’ SIMs, profiles, and statuses on 1oT Terminal.

The Sub-client App on 1oT Terminal is the key to managing your customer's SIMs with a single click. With this option, you can invite your customers to manage their own SIMs. That way, your customers can manage their fleet, troubleshoot SIMs if required, activate/deactivate the SIMs through the API, and much more without needing to contact their account manager or customer service on your end.

You can also take advantage of the option to bring your own telecom deals over to 1oT’s eSIM infrastructure, where onboarded profiles will be integrated into the

1oT eSIM Core - Remote SIM Provisioning system for storing and managing eSIM profiles.

The recently released infrastructure ensures high-quality and secure connections, speeds up the process of onboarding new telecom profiles, and opens up new opportunities for enhanced value-added services and synergies with our connectivity management platform 1oT Terminal.

Adding a 1oT eSIM to your IoT product allows you to offer an all-around solution to IoT service providers at launch. This not only increases the value and revenue of your offering but also reduces the burden on you as a manufacturer. As the market becomes more crowded, it is important to offer your customers all-in-one solutions that require only a small number of devices.

Ready to provide your customers with a comprehensive IoT offering? Reach out our Sales team at or fill out a form here.