Introducing the new chapter of 1oT eSIM Core

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Mikk Lemberg

Last year, we introduced 1oT eSIM Core to support M2M eSIM architecture.

Today, we proudly present the consumer variant - certified by GSMA SAS-SM - that enables network operators to provide eSIM services to consumer devices like smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

We are now one of just 24 companies in the world that have certified both consumer and M2M eSIM infrastructures, a huge achievement for a team of only 30 people!

In this post, I will explain why a global connectivity service provider developed the SM-DP+ and SM-DS and offers consumer eSIM technology to network operators. Furthermore, I'll offer a peek behind the curtain and discuss the future plans of the ambitious 1oT team.

Why did we build the consumer eSIM infrastructure?

1oT has provided a connectivity service with eSIM since 2019, making us the front-runner in M2M eSIM solutions. Over the years, we have learned from our customers and partners how the eSIM infrastructure should be to offer a high-quality service for IoT companies. So, in 2022, we launched the eSIM infrastructure we wish we had in 2019.

Working with telecoms has taught us about their challenges and the positive response to the M2M eSIM infrastructure, motivating us to develop a consumer infrastructure. Thanks to this, we can now offer network operators a Remote SIM provisioning platform for both consumer and M2M variants.

The second reason is the upcoming IoT eSIM spec (SGP.3x) that leverages the SM-DP+ to a large extent. From 1oT's perspective, IoT eSIM architecture will be crucial in offering a flexible global connectivity service to IoT device manufacturers and service providers.

What makes 1oT eSIM Core different?

We recognize the actual value of eSIM as a comprehensive operating system. Our goal isn't just getting rid of the plastic SIM – our ambition is to help MNOs and MVNOs in their journey toward digital transformation and growth. This ultimately allows for more convenient solutions for consumers and enterprises.

So, we have developed the whole service around the eSIM infrastructure. The SM-SR, SM-DP, or SM-DP+ are just the enabling technologies.

There are three reasons why 1oT eSIM Core is unmatched on the market:

Firstly, it's MODERN. It's built from the ground up using market insights and today's technology. It comes with REST API and an interface to remove the barriers between the network operator's systems and the eSIM infrastructure, offering complete transparency and visibility.

Secondly, it's SCALABLE. It is designed to support growth with an on-premises HSM and an Amazon Web Services cloud solution. This makes us the first eSIM infrastructure provider in AWS and helps keep up with the rapid growth of IoT and consumer electronics.

Thirdly, it's GREEN. We have the most environmentally friendly eSIM infrastructure, running 100% on renewable energy.

Consumer eSIM offering unlike anything before

With 1oT eSIM Core, you can go live in weeks instead of months. This means faster access to new sales opportunities, increased revenue, and expansion into new markets, such as wearables and consumer electronics.

eSIM technology reduces environmental impact by eliminating plastic and transportation resources. Combined with the greenest eSIM infrastructure, it's a tremendous differentiation on the market.

Thanks to frictionless onboarding and eSIM activation, your (potential) customers don't have to visit a brick-and-mortar store to activate the subscription.

1oT's SM-DP+ comes with an intuitive user interface for easy eSIM lifecycle management. Its REST API provides seamless integration with existing systems, making communication with telecom infrastructures such as BSS, OSS, and CMP easier.

With the web-based interface, users can quickly manage eUICC and eSIM profiles and go over instant analytics with real-time visibility at their fingertips.

What's coming next?

1oT eSIM Core is already being used by 1oT but is ready to be licensed by telecoms.

If you want to learn more or discuss partnership opportunities, please contact

Also, check out the 1oT eSIM Core product page for more information.

We're looking forward to building a solution for the recently announced IoT eSIM spec. We are excited about the future of eSIM technology and the opportunities it presents for global connectivity. The team at 1oT is committed to perfecting our eSIM infrastructure and expanding our offerings to meet the evolving needs of the connectivity market.

If you'd like to hear more about our roadmap or discuss collaboration, please write to me at