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1oT eSIM has the superpower of swapping telecoms over the air. You can have new telecom profiles without trading-out the SIM inside the device. Improved connectivity is just one click away.

What is 1oT eSIM?

eSIM is also known as eUICC. It's an unlocked SIM card that allows swapping cellular carrier profiles "over-the-air" without needing to touch the SIM card itself.
eUICC can store several telecom profiles. You can switch between telecom profiles without replacing the SIM card inside the device.

What's the difference between eSIM and SIM?

Standard SIM card (UICC) limits you to a single telecom placed on the SIM card when produced. This telecom profile can never be changed. If you want to switch telecom profiles, you must replace the SIM card in the devices.
1oT eSIM
Global IoT SIM
FORM FACTORS 2/3/4FF & MFF2 2/3/4FF & MFF2
eSIM is sometimes referred to as embedded SIM (MFF2). Also known and chip SIM. But eUICC aka eSIMs are available in all form factors: 2FF (Mini), 3FF (Micro), 4FF (Nano), and MFF2 (Soldered chip SIMs).
A multi-IMSI SIM has multiple telecom profiles loaded onto a SIM during manufacturing. But you can’t add new profiles afterwards.

How 1oT eSIM works?

1oT eSIM guarantees global IoT & M2M connectivity with the flexibility to adjust to future changes on the go. You can choose the most suitable telecom profile from the pool of partners that 1oT has.

Guaranteed global coverage

1oT eSIM comes with a Default Carrier that guarantees connectivity in over 190 countries. Default Carrier makes sure that the devices can have the first network connection.

Optimise for the best coverage

1oT has partnered up with a pool of network providers that offer their services through 1oT eSIM. At any point, you can go to the 1oT Terminal and choose a suitable telecom for your current needs.

Swap a carrier at will

If you find a network provider match on the 1oT Terminal, you can swap the enabled profile on the eSIM. This action changes the telecom profile whose services you use without needing to replace SIM cards.

For over-the-air telecom updates, you need a suitable cellular module

The cellular module needs to support the Bearer Independent Protocol (BIP). And your device needs to support the following SIM Application Toolkit (SAT) commands.
Learn more about eSIM hardware needs ->

eSIM supported cellular modules for IoT

The table is work in progress and not complete. We're updating it with new information, and doing eSIM hardware tests regularly.
If your device is not listed or you are not sure if it supports eSIM make sure to contact us.

Have some questions before getting started?

Do my old SIMs have eSIM capabilities?

Unfortunately, no. eSIM (eUICC) cards look the same as regular SIM cards (UICC). Still, they have different software running on them that can not be updated.

If you are interested in switching to eSIMs, get in touch with us.

What format does 1oT eSIM come in?

1oT offers eSIM in 2FF (mini), 3FF (micro), 4FF (nano) and MFF2 form factors. We can support you with commercial, industrial, and automotive grade eSIMs on all the mentioned form factors.

What are the hardware requirements for eSIM?

To swap carriers, your cellular module needs to support Bearer Independent Protocol (BIP) and SIM ToolKit (STK) for remote SIM provisioning.

We have covered the topic in more detail in this blog post. If you have more questions, feel free to write to us at

What happens if my device doesn't support eSIM?

If your hardware does not support eSIM transactions, you can still use the SIM with 1oT's Default Carrier (bootstrap profile). It provides global coverage in 2G, 3G, and 4G in over 190 countries.

Sadly, you will be locked in that profile, and you can't enjoy the benefits of eSIM with many profiles.

How can I swap carriers on 1oT eSIM?

To swap carriers, you need to log in to 1oT Terminal and access the eSIM Management Tool. There you'll find full eSIM subscription management features along with a comparison tool to find the most suitable Carrier. After finding a fitting Carrier, you can swap with a push of a button.

Can I bring my current network provider to 1oT?

No, you cannot. In M2M eSIM, there needs to be a "middleman" who aggregates a pool of different telecoms. That's also a reason to choose an independent service provider like 1oT. We have integrated several telecoms under one eSIM infrastructure and can offer flexibility to choose between them.

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our support team.

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Test session with an expert

Test eSIM transactions to see if your cellular module supports eSIM.

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