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Through self-service 1oT Terminal, you get access to 2G, 3G, 4G connectivity anywhere in the world.

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With 1oT, you’ll have 1 of everything

We combine everything that's needed to run a global IoT company. 1 SIM card for your global IoT deployments. 1 interface to manage SIM cards and connectivity. 1 invoice for all the SIMs, wherever they are.

1oT eSIM

Now you can change carrier profiles over-the-air without replacing SIM cards in the device. 1oT eSIM gives you access to all the carrier partners 1oT has.


Good ol’ traditional SIM that offers flexible and trustworthy global IoT & M2M connectivity. With coverage in 190 countries.

All your SIMs in one place

1oT Terminal is a self-service platform to manage your global IoT deployments from one interface. Base features offer you full control over your SIMs. And customisable premium features help you save money and simplify fleet management.
  • SIM inventory & lifecycle management
  • Control costs and billing settings
  • Send & receive SMSes
  • Detailed data usage reports
  • API support and other integrations
  • Automated fleet-wide analytics and reports
  • Customise and simplify managing SIM cards process
  • Set up a variety of notifications to prevent issues

Go global with a single connectivity partner.


Unlock flexibility for future deployments

Independent service provider

Please think of us as your connectivity department. We help you choose the best pre-negotiated deal from our carrier partners worldwide.

One global solution

Sidestep the negotiations with multiple carrier partners — guaranteed 2G, 3G, 4G coverage in over 190 countries.

No corporate BS with billing

If you hate hidden fees and complicated contracts, you’re at the right place. We offer simple and flexible pricing models to different deployments.

What people say about 1oT

A picture of Kristjan Maruste
We have deployed 1oT SIMs in 100,000+ e-scooters in 45 countries worldwide. Including Jump (UBER) scooters.
A picture of Kristjan Maruste
Kristjan Maruste
A picture of Martin Appo
1oT's solutions have enabled us to quickly and confidently trial our autonomous robots in new markets. Their personal approach is unlike any other provider.
A picture of Martin Appo
Martin Appo
from Clevon
A picture of Merli Üle
We are delighted to have licensed white-label 1oT Terminal to cater to our IoT & M2M clients in a modern way.
A picture of Merli Üle
Merli Üle
from Elisa
A picture of Andrejs Arhipovs
1oT immediately stood out as a company that could adapt to our needs. Our tests confirmed high service quality and competitive prices. Our collaboration has demonstrated excellent technical support and readiness to assist with problem-solving.
A picture of Andrejs Arhipovs
Andrejs Arhipovs
from SAF Tehnika
A picture of Guoxian Yang
1oT has been a great match for our remote care-enabling technology. Seniors across Europe wearing 1oT-powered PanPan watches and their telecare providers have enjoyed mobile, reliable voice calls when they've needed them most.
A picture of Guoxian Yang
Guoxian Yang
from Pandu Solutions
A picture of Carolien Nijhuis
We're delighted to have partnered with 1oT because of their customer and market understanding and strive for innovation.
A picture of Carolien Nijhuis
Carolien Nijhuis
from KPN IoT
A picture of Salvator Kenndler
At T-Mobile, we enjoy the fast pace and the drive for innovation in our partnership with 1oT the most – and our customers feel that.
A picture of Salvator Kenndler
Salvator Kenndler
from T-Mobile

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