1oT’s partner Boomerang Bike launching its next generation device on Indiegogo

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Heimar Lecht
Bike theft happens. According to the NYPD, 4849 bikes were stolen in New York in 2014 and this number has grown higher year by year. Luckily our friends at Boomerang Bike and its team of avid cyclists have developed a solution to solve this problem. Boomerang produces motion detection alarm + GPS trackers for bikes and are about to launch its next generation product next month on Indiegogo.

The San Jose Police Department tested Boomerang Bike's CycloTrac devices on bait bikes to trap would-be bike thieves. To their surprise, none of the bikes equipped with CycloTrac devices were stolen due to loud beeping and flashing LEDs. You can read more about it from this article.

The Boomerang's CycloTrac device tackles bike theft by beeping loudly when somebody touches the bike and sending a SMS and email to the owner, so they know to go save their belongings. If the bike’s owner forgets to set the alarm via the Boomerang App, the device can be tracked via a web based or mobile application. 

However, this is not where the features end. The main hub for Boomerang CycloTrac device and service is the App. From the iPhone application, users can alarm their bike, track its location and ride history (distance, elevation gain, speed, calories burned), set up a geofence, look up their carbon offset and see how much money they have saved by riding their bike. All this data is also accessible via Desktop/Tablet/Laptop Dashboard.

Indiegogo campaign for Version 2

But there's more. We are excited to announce that Boomerang Bike is launching its second generation device (V2) with even greater functionality on Indiegogo on November 10 (the exact date may change). The main upgrades of V2 include: 

  • Crash detection: If a person falls from their bike and gets knocked unconscious, the CycloTrac senses the abrupt motion of hard impact and sends a message to emergency contacts. This way they will not be left stranded for too long and get help quickly.
  •  Panic button: When clicking the panic button, V2 sends an SMS and email with the owner’s GPS coordinates to all their emergency numbers.

  • Boomerang community page: Owners of Boomerang V2 devices can share their rides – photos, detailed ride analytics, trip notes and stories. A truly great way to bring avid cyclists together.

This is truly a level up! The 1oT team is 100% behind Boomerang Bike’s vision and proud to be part of such a great product! We strongly urge you to support Boomerang Bike's campaign and help them to take smart anti-theft & crash detection to the next level. You can get more information about V2 here by entering your email address. Additionally, you will have a chance to win a Boomerang Cyclotrac device.