Telia Launched Commercial Testing of 1oT’s Revolutionary Platform

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Märt Kroodo

The global cellular connectivity provider 1oTand the mobile operator Telia Estoniastarted providing 1oT’s connectivity management platform to selected Telia’s IoT and M2M customers. With the pilot project, Telia’s customers can manage their SIM cards and mobile data traffic via the revolutionary 1oT’s self-service platform called 1oT Terminal.

“Today’s innovative IoT and M2M device makers are not just buying internet access, they need to be in full control of their SIM cards and mobile data sessions. All this enables to build disruptive IoT and M2M services, seize big data opportunities and create autonomous and automatic services. We see 1oT’s connectivity platform fulfilling this gap at an affordable price, and as the leading mobile operator in the region, we hope to become the first to provide the necessary tools even to the smallest players on this booming market.” said Toomas Kärner, IoT Business Area Manager at Telia Estonia.

1oT connectivity management platform, 1oT Terminal, is a software solution with powerful web interface and API that enables to control everything related to SIM cards and integrate the service with third-party services with the click of a button. For example, the platform can receive real-time information about SIM sessions, detect the location of SIMs, set data limits, set up alerts for detecting behavioural abnormalities in data sessions, communicate with other IoT platforms and services (e.g. Slack), and much more. From the administrative side, MNOs are flexible in setting up custom pricing plans and fully automate end-user billing.

According to Märt Kroodo, co-founder and CEO of 1oT: “Our self-service management platform is very efficient, taking a huge weight off of mobile operator’s labour intensive operations and setting up a strong basis for downward trending mobile data costs. The automated self-service platform enables to upsell many value-added services to end-customers with just one click, such as extra security layers, integrations with third-party services, analytics tools, and in the future even artificial intelligence based service for optimising mobile data usage. All this means much less manual work and extra revenue for MNOs.” 

The pilot project between 1oT and Telia Estonia is carried out in cooperation with Telia’s startup lab programme VUNK, which is in constant search for innovative and value-added partners to complement telecoms’ often conservative business models. 

About Telia

Telia is the leading mobile operator in Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States. In Estonia, Telia is the region’s market leader in IoT/M2M with more than 75% of market share in cellular connectivity. Additionally, Telia Estonia is the leader in innovation, often being the first one to launch new and innovative solutions to the market. For example, in 2016 Telia Estonia launched an eSIM solution for Samsung Gear S2 watches. 

About 1oT

1oT offers global cellular data & SMS for connected devices, controlled via easy-to-use connectivity management platform with a powerful API. It is the world’s easiest way to connect your smart device to the Internet in 150 countries. In addition to its core service line, 1oT licenses its revolutionary platform (1oT Terminal) to Mobile Network Operators. 

The company was founded in 2016 in Estonia and is part of the Mobi Solutions Group, which during its 16 years of activity has brought numerous internationally successful telecommunications and IT services to the market, for example: Fortumo, Messente and Mobi Lab. The founders of 1oT include Märt Kroodo, Marko Peterson, and Rain Rannu.

Information about 1oT Terminal-as-a-Service product can be found here, for more detailed tutorial of the platform, click here.

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