1oT’s end-of-year recap

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As the year closes, 1oT is happy to report that we’re in excellent shape to face 2021. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the 1oTeam was fully operational and helped customers scale globally.

1oT’s goal is to make cellular connectivity on eSIM available for IoT and M2M companies of all sizes. We are proud to expand our global scope by helping more clients, starting new partnerships, and improving our self-service connectivity management platform.

Here are the most notable milestones from 2020.

1oT eSIM turned 1 year old

1oT is one of the first eSIM service providers for IoT. Our eSIM solution provides a single point of contact for global IoT connectivity by aggregating carrier services into one eSIM solution.

Today we are serving 400,000 IoT and M2M devices worldwide with connectivity. Out of those, 120,000 are 1oT eSIMs.

More than doubled our client base

Over the past 12 months, our client base has grown 140%. We appreciate the trust that IoT companies have in us.

With our clients, 1oT (e)SIMs have travelled to 25 new countries. Totalling 119 different countries where 1oT (e)SIMs are active.

1oT offers an easy way to connect in over 190 countries, so 2/3 of the countries were visited this year.

Started 3 new relationships with carriers

We continued to build strong partnerships with carriers across the globe to ensure the best coverage. 1oT welcomed three new carriers to our offering, one of them being KPN.

In total, we are providing 12 different carriers’ services.

As a next step, we’ll continue addressing regions with permanent roaming restrictions or other barriers by providing local carrier deals in Brazil, India, and Canada.

Licensing 1oT Terminal picks up steam

It’s impressive to see that the self-service platform model is gaining popularity. And our internal tool, the Admin portal, is simple yet powerful for Telecoms who want to improve their M2M service.

In 2019, 1oT Terminal licensing to Elisa Estonia was a significant milestone. In the middle of 2020, we recapped the past 9-month journey with this video.

As a small hint, then we’ll soon publish more news about Licensing and 1oT Terminal. But these announcements must wait for 2021, although the bulk of the job was done in 2020.

Our efforts are acknowledged

2020 was kind for 1oT with different awards. We started the year by announcing that we won the “M2M Cellular Service Provider of the Year” at the 4th annual IoT Breakthrough Awards.

At the end of August, at the Carrier Community Global Awards, 1oT was recognized as the “Best IoT Opportunity” and “Best Innovative Value Added Service Provider.”

We are thankful for the recognition and openness to new ideas & innovation.

Thank you to all our clients and partners. It’s a joy to build a bigger and better future together. We’re hopeful and excited for 2021 and will do our absolute best to bring eSIM for IoT to the masses.

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